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  1. Oh, I've had a lockpick for that leash for quite some time. ^.~
  2. Obviously Steph doesn't have a strong enough leash on you
  3. I try. ^.~
  4. You crafty devil
  5. >.> *gazes at packed bags* <.< *ponders going on a Zera break* >.>
  6. i literally at the moment have no time to post I've been doing 12 hour days at work. Im waiting for my days off so i can post
  7. i shall go and catch one *whizzes off*
  8. I've actually posted in the thread, as well, but it isn't appearing. oO Are the admins on holiday? O_o
  9. and I have the first visitor message too :3 PARTY
  10. ZERA!!!!!!!!! *glomps* You've joined! XD
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