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  1. Yeah, it never ceases to amaze me. I just posted in there as well stating that and the differences between what taking away the junction & materia system to Gambits. I also like how the gambits play the game but it is the player who sets up the gambits, who keeps the gambits on. Gambits don't automatically program themselves in the most efficient manner, it takes player input.

    Humans and their silliness.
  2. Game itself gives them an option to chose in which manner they wish to play, and they still moan about it, kids these days, nothing's good enough, not even their own choice.
  3. He's a type of person who would rather come with a petty excuse, then admit that he may actually be wrong, sad really.
  4. What o0Odin0o said:
    It's hard for me to type the facts because it makes too much sense to me and describing why irritates my head lol.

    I.E. He's spouting BS out his mouth and can't back it up - conveniently.
  5. Thanks, it's truly an amazing game, despite beating it there's still lot of things left to do, I think this will be the first Final Fantasy game I'll put over 100 hours into it.
  6. Congrats on beating FFXII.
  7. Well, can't say I remember in which order Italian players took those penalties, nor did I bother to check it which was mistake on my part, it seems Grosso knew how to lose pressure and fear, which not many players could do in that position. Though I clearly remember Trezeguet's miss and Zidane's famous headbutt which were the only excitement during that match, both sides bored me to death that day.
  8. Grosso was the final Italian to take a PK during the shoot-out in the 2006 World Cup Finals - had an enormous amount of pressure on him; way more than Gyan.
  9. You would be even more surprised if I told you that I've gone through Final Fantasy X for the first time also just recently, a nine years old game. For some strange reason I never owned a PS2 before, which means I have a lot of catching to do.

    I'm amazed that I avoided "spoilers" all these years, I barely know anything about Final Fantasy XII, in fact I saw some characters for the first time, that's probably why I'm enjoying it even more, which unfortunately wasn't case with Final Fantasy X.
  10. I'm surprised that you are going on your first run through Final Fantasy XII - almost 4 years after its release.
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