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  1. I was able to, largely trick my phone out with Final Fantasy. I imported FF songs and made those the ringtones of some people. Like my gf's is Force Your Way because she likes FFVIII. My standard ringtone is the Rebel Army Theme from FFII. Then I downloaded an app that would allow me to select out of the ringtones I imported as my notification tone, like when I receive a text which I have the FFX Victory Fanfare for that.

    I may get a Green Lantern wallpaper app.
  2. Impressive, I on the other hand change my phone almost every year. I managed to break display on my previous phone, used it that way couple of weeks, had to carry a notebook with all the numbers I had in it if I was to call anyone.

    I'm stuck with Nokia N93 for now, decent phone, though way to big, it might prove to be useful if I ever end up in a fight.
  3. I had my previous phone for almost 5 years, but the last time it dropped it got really screwed up. So after dealing with a truly crappy phone for 3 months I decided it was time. I got a Samsung Droid Charge.
  4. You're lucky, I'm meaning to buy a new cell phone for quite some time now, but I either don't have money for it or do, but have to spend it on something else, either way I'm stuck with this brick for now.

    What kind of phone if you don't mind me asking?
  5. It was decent. Finally got a new phone.
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one.
  7. Not sure if I would be fine knowing that I'm the one responsible for the end of the world, on the other hand, all the attention in afterlife would do me good. Thanks Zargabaath!
  8. Happy Birthday friend. If I were truly a superstitious man I may believe that you being born on this day 22 years ago as the cause for the end of the world, luckily my superstitious behavior only applies to sports. Hahahahaha.
  9. It's been such a long time since my first communion.
  10. Good to hear/read that you're doing great. The Bin Laden death was all over the news, not something I expected to read when I woke up this morning. Fast, and relatively "painless" death is not good enough punishment for all he did, though I guess we can be glad the bastard is gone.

    I've been busy these couple of days, visiting relatives, and friends. Two of my cousins went through communion yesterday, so I had to attend the ceremony. The food was great, and I had a great time, though I'm glad that's finally over.
  11. Pretty good. Girlfriend is returning home and hearing the death of bin Laden is great to hear. How are things with you?
  12. Dropping by to say hello. How have you been?
  13. I managed to jump over him, though another one appeared out of nowhere and joined the chase, needless to say I didn't managed to get very far =(.
  14. He clearly has some issues I'm afraid...

    ...anyways, sorry you had to be involved.
  15. You should check what Odin sent me today in a VM. At the end he points at you so I'm thinking he is referring to the VM you last sent me which is about the "Who's got the Gambits playing the game for them?" thread, which I responded twice.

    If that wasn't what Odin was talking about then I told him to be more clear which from my observations is something hard for him to do.

    This last part is for Odin who I'm guessing will see this eventually and probably rage a bit. *Waves* Yes, I can make observations even if you don't like them.
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