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  1. I'm watching Code Geass right now, although I'll be done with it rather soon. I'm still not sure which Gundam to chose, I might go with Gundam X seeing as it has just the amount of episodes I prefer in my anime.
  2. Have you started watching any of the Gundam shows?
  3. I have indeed seen most of the series. Need to catch up on the latest episdoes of Gundam AGE. Personally I find Gundam Seed/Destiny to be of "average"/"C" quality. Zeta Gundam is very good though in order to really understand everything it is best to watch the original Gundam along with Gundam 0083 (a mini-series that explains Titans in Zeta).

    Turn A Gundam is another favorite and may be "1A" in my rankings. Not a very action packed Gundam but it really delved into the characters, truly one of Tomino's best work.

    Gundam X is another favorite. It starts off a bit slow but I found it to pick up at episode 10. The shortest Gundam series because of a few external factors (only 39 episodes). It raps up a bit quickly but still good.

    To be honest most are quite good and worth a watch. Victory Gundam made me a bit sad because it takes places almost a 100 years after Gundam (Universal Century) and Amuro and all his exploits along with Kamile and Judua are lost to the ages. It does have one of the best ending fights. Like 10 episodes with lots of good fighting and action going on.
  4. You've seen all of the Gundam series, correct? If so which one would you recommend. I've seen Gundam Seed and it was pretty decent.
  5. Well, that's good for us European folk. Omega Weapon is usually one of the hardest if not the hardest boss battle in games it appears, it's also my favorite monster in Final Fantasy franchise so I'm looking forward to this game now more than ever.

    As for Persona 3 music, key pieces just don't blend with certain aspects of the game. Still, it's a great game, I hear you get completely new experience by choosing a girl protagonist so I'm sure there will be a second playthrough in near future.
  6. I just read for the one of the special editions for Europe called the "Nordic Edition", players will have a special recruitable monster battle, Omega. Defeat Omega & it will join the party. That's a monster I would like on my team.
  7. Damn, that's a first I've seen for Persona 3's music. Apparently it is not your thing. I haven't been doing much gaming lately though I have been meaning to get some time in. I just get sidetracked. I have tomorrow off which I'll try to put some hours into a couple of games.
  8. I've seen it already, on IGN I think, it does look impressive though. I've been looking forward to this game for quite some time now, mostly because it's finally a new game in series for which I have required console to play it on =D I'm glad they're mixing things a bit, trying something new, from what I've seen so far it will be fun to play.

    Anyways, what are you playing these days? I'm going through Persona 3 Portable right now, it's a great game with well done battle system, social link and your character development, though the story is kinda weak, and the music is just goddamn awful. It's a mix of pop and hip hop, I'm tired of listening to uuu yea lalalalala... baby during the battle, I mean WTF.
  9. I wanted something unique in the terms of FF. So I thought about it and came up with Zargabaath. The guy does have a killer helmet too.

    Have you seen the latest trailer for FF Type 0, formerly FFXIII Agito? There seems to be quite a few different forms of gameplay. Like an RTS type game along with airship battles. Summons look controllable. It is looking like a game I would enjoy. I liked the music as well that they showcased.
  10. Random question. Why Zargabaath? He's not really a popular character, he didn't even have a major role during Final Fantasy XII, although he was a good person, he was even prepared to sacrifice himself and his fleet to stop Bahamuth.
  11. They were easier during my second play through. Still, I'd rather run into Ultimecia than a ruby dragon.
  12. On my first playthrough I had trouble with Ruby Dragons as well, however on my second, third,..., millionth playthrough they became some kind of routine, basic strategie is more than enough to take them down. While it's true that they can dish some serious damage that's easily prevented.
  13. Ruby Dragon easy? What?!?!?!

    Man, I'm more afraid of Ruby Dragon than I am of Ultimecia. Hell, Ultimecia is not even scary. She ain't got anything on me. I wipe the floor with her. Now a Ruby Dragon can dish out some damage and has wiped me out a couple of times.
  14. I saw it. I'd give it a C+. It does a somewhat decent job of explaining the Green Lantern but some things they changed for the film.
  15. Speaking of Green Lantern, have you seen the movie yet? It's terrible it seems, according to reviews that is, I think I'm gonna enjoy this one since I don't know shit about Green Lantern, never had a chance to read the comics nor have I seen any of his cartoon.
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