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  1. The elevator fight was good in Winter Soldier but the "crappy" action scenes are like when the crew (Cap, Black Widow, and Hawk dude (Hawkman?)) get assaulted by the Winter Soldier for the first time. I'm not saying it was choreographed bad, it just looked - visually - like some crap tv quality where they don't have as big of a budget. Then again maybe that is a part of the choreography. It was just something that sparked my mind while watching Winter Soldier.

    Hail Hydra!
  2. To me "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Winter Soldier" are up there with "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", "Spider-Man 2" and "X-Men First Class" as the best comic book movies out there (taking only DC and Marvel into account).

    Honestly, that's the first I hear about "The Winter Soldier" action sequences, as far as I know it's widely praised in that regard, the fighting choreography alone is the best one I saw out of all comic book movies, the elevator fight and the highway fight against the Winter Soldier were pure and utter badassery in my opinion. One thing I have "The Winter Soldier" to thank for is making Captain America ever so fascinating to certain viewers like myself that didn't care all that much for him without changing him as a character and what he believes in and stand for.

    As for the dance off, I can see why one might hate it, I on the other hand love it, aside from being hilarious, it came out of nowhere and yet it's something Quill would totally do. It was a sound strategy seeing all of them combined, without Groot no less, have nothing on Ronan, let alone Ronan with an infinity stone.

    I have to second everything you just wrote about Age of Ultron, although I somewhat like Ultron. I also have to add unnecessary scenes just to build up future films like that Thor in the pool scene.

    BvS trailers, especially second trailer, revealed way too much, although that usually tends to be a problem with most trailers nowdays. I would also mention Goyer as a part of a problem, not a fan of his scripts, he does good however when there's someone to overlook and tweak his work, like Nolan for instance, this movie might have been even worse if it weren't for Terrio.
  3. GotG had good chemistry between the characters but the final fight was terrible. Like it deserves more than a dance off. In Final Fantasy terms, Ronan's ship was Jecht and Ronan himself was Yu Yevon. That was the biggest flaw I found in GotG. On second viewing Winter Soldier got better. It did do some social commentary which was nice, but I still felt like some of the action sequences looked really bad as if I was watching an episode of Agents of Shield.

    With Avengers: AoU it got to the point where I could see the jokes coming in and some plot points were lifted from Avengers as if it were not a sequel but an update. The final fight with Ultron was terrible, just another numbers game like in the first. Instead of an alien army with Loki leading it was a bunch of Ultrons that were weak - no real danger. Ultron was just trash at the end. From the trailers it seemed Ultron was going to be a bit darker compared to other Marvel villains but he too had the comedy and he too had a comedic line with the Hulk at the end as he was trying to get away.

    Another fault I thought of regarding BvS - marketing department. They can't let out the whole movie or too many major plot points in trailers. I don't fault Snyder for that, but the marketing team at WB. That is how some of the suspense is lost. Batman and Superman fighting and eventually joining forces is enough to get people interested they could've left out WW or Doomsday (for sure) in the trailers - let it generate a natural hype after release as people talk about the film.
  4. We don't necessarily agree on BvS, but I like your comment because unlike a lot of comments I read it has a lot of meat to it and some points I can respect. I'm glad you enjoyed the film. I was also disappointed by Age of Ultron, but nowhere near to put me out of the cinema for the next Marvel film, it did however help that the previous two films were Guardians of the Galaxy and The Winter Soldier which I found to be amazing.
  5. I still haven't completed Zestiria. I would say I am getting close. I think it is an ok Tales game. I prefer the battle system to Graces F or Xillia. Story is ok at best, characters are decent. I found that usually if the story is not top quality then the humor in Tales games' makes up for it, such as Legendia and Graces F, but this game the humor is mostly a miss to me. So really there are everything is mediocre - battle system, characters, story, humor. If it gets ridiculously cheap as can happen on Steam sales I would say pick it up.
  6. I see you mentioned you play Tales of Zestiria. What do you think of the game? I ask because I tried it out several months ago when it came on Steam, still on the fence whether to buy it or not. I got to play like 5-6 hours, not enough to go on really to properly judge the game. I really like the visuals though.
  7. I'll disagree about DQ VIII, but how can you not love Yangus and his Cor Blimey! Lol. DQ is a bit archaic, but I am partial to the series.
  8. Rather late response, I know, but thank you, I really appreciate it. I'm glad to say it was my best birthday so far.
  9. Noticed it was ye Birthday! Hope it was good one. I would raise my glass, however I am currently out of drink (Cucumber Gin Cooler)
  10. Happy birthday, all the best.
  11. Thnx.
  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one.
  13. You know I remember him saying that his artwork wouldn't look good in motion or something to that affect years ago. I'll have to check upon this movie of his when the time comes.
  14. Couldn't agree more. The way I see it, the only game in the series where men truly look like men is Final Fantasy XII, save Vaan and Larsa, although Larsa's just a teen.

    Speaking of Amano, he's making a movie, it will be interesting to see his art style in movement.
  15. I can't give you thanks but you made such a valid point about Amano's style. People tend to forget or just plainly ignore that Amano's style is way more androgynous than Nomura or whomever else.
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