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  1. I was a little perplexed by that move too. Smith shouldn't even be on the field, let alone in the majors. I like Bruce but hate that we greatly overpaid for someone who is clearly past their prime. I know they play him at first because we supposedly have a lot of decent bats in the outfield. Part of me wonders if Callaway is just letting everyone do what they want since the season is lost.

    Citi Field has a pretty decent beer selection inside of the stadium, as well as a bar/restaurant and a separate brewery. The restaurant is just typical bar food, but I heard the brewery is overwhelming with the amount of choices.
  2. It was a pretty nice park. I remember going to RFK Stadium and that was a nightmare. I was discussing with my father that I believe that last time I saw the Mets play was in '06; the last time I had been to a home game was early 2000s. Last year I was planning on going to Arlington and Coors Field because the Mets would be out there but I went on a deployment and nixed those plans.

    We left after the top of the 10 as I had to drive back down that night. The beer selection was pretty nice as they had some local stuff but their pretzels were atrocious. I heard Citi Field offers some local brews as well compared to Yankee Stadium which is more "brand" name.

    Also, why is Dominic Smith, a 1B, playing LF and Jay Bruce, an OF, playing 1B? My dad, sister and I were left dumbfounded. Smith looked way out of position on a couple of plays. Overall stupid.
  3. I thought we traded him when he was a nobody as part of a deal for Johan. It was nice for the "no hitter" (Dickey had the real one), but that was about it.
  4. These past couple of years I wonder why we let Carlos Gomez go. In Milwaukee he has done really well.
  5. Part of me wishes we kept Justin Turner for this reason
  6. I feel like Wright now is too injury prone. He lands on the DL and then something else happens to him while rehabbing or he returns only to quickly get hurt again. I am feeling like the Mets may need to start looking for a new 3B. He reminds me of Tulo, great when playing - though I view Tulo better - but they are often hurt. Wright's best years were when he had the protection of Beltran and Delgado.

    Niese hasn't been doing well these past few starts. I felt we should've took 2 out of 3 or swept the Pirates, felt the same way with this series and so far we lost both games against the Marlins. We're hanging in their but we need to do better if we are to contend. This year may still be a "building" year, we need a great offensive part not and old person like Cuddyer, whose been serviceable. We got a core of young pitching, we now need a core of young position players.

    I plan on travelling up to Denver in August to see the Mets at Rockies.
  7. Right now, I'm more concerned with Wright and his back. I'm thinking it was from when he broke it years ago.

    I'm actually going to the game today, so I'm hoping for a win.
  8. Yeah, and he seems to be doing well in the big leagues. I just read that D'Arnaud's return is going to be delayed for a bruise on the bone in his wrist. My dad and I joke that the Mets can never get healthy once on the DL. It is sad.
  9. Did you see that shot from Thor yesterday?
  10. Did you hear about that blue jay who was involved in a huge trade?

    4 blue M&Ms and a color to be named for a G2 Gatorade & cash for a snickers.
  11. I don't like it, but i get it. They have to try to secure a future of some sort, but i just don't agree with getting rid of . As for pelf, i think he'll do well in Minnesota, where the spotlight won't be as big
  12. Looks like they are trying to get a catching prospect from the Jays along with a couple of other players.
  13. I hope the Marlins are a joke again. I can't stand the Mets being the laughingstock of the league for their inability to do anything right. At least they signed Wright, but I'd be pissed if they trade Dickey.
  14. Same here, though I don't mind. Better than doing nothing. Yeah marlins are looking like the punching bag this year. I know Buerhle was upset, says that ownership lied to him. I was disappointed that selig sat by. He takes away the dodgers from mccourt but allows this too happen after marlin ownership said they were going to spend and be competitive.
  15. I've been good man! Insanely busy but really, really good. How about yourself?

    I love that Reyes is up there, personally. It gets him, and a lot of talent out of our division, and should be one less thorn in our side. At least we wont have to contend for just 4th this year haha. He should have known he was getting into some shady business with the Marlins ownership. Fire sales every 5 years haha. I do think that the huge park up there will be really good for his numbers though, especially if he can stay healthy. Plus he'll get to piss the Yanks off 18 times a year. I'm ok with it!
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