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    Wow. What a blast from the past! We're all doing well over here, just trying...
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    It's probably mostly people who have been members for 10+ years who check in...
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    I think you do test if you sew on in January. Maybe even if you sew on in March; not really sure. You're not on the flight line though? What're you doin'? You in debrief now or something?
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    Heh... I think that's just the way of the Air Force; everything is a cluster ****. Everything has to be done in the way that causes the most stress. There will always be NCOs and Officers who actually care about their people, but the Air Force itself? Heh...

    But yeah; I kept on getting told I would be getting out soon for like a year. Actually over a year. Then it kept getting pushed back.

    By the way; I sew on Senior Airman on Monday. I'm guessing you already got there, right? We'll be testin' for Staff this year... lord help my troops if I get it, lolol.
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    Actually I didn't tell you the best part about my process of moving out; they wanted me to be out on Christmas eve. I was going on leave to Oregon in two days when they gave me my letter, and I wouldn't be back until the day after Christmas. They wouldn't give me an extension. So I spent the last two days before going on leave running around getting everything ready. Gave the power of attorney to my supervisor; he helped me out a lot in this process. Also let me leave my stuff in his spare room and crash at his place when I got back until my apartment was ready. Friggen' dorm managers though... I'm glad I don't have to deal with them anymore. The lady in charge should not be in a position where she is in charge of other people's living conditions; she clearly doesn't care about them, and she always acts bitchy whenever interacting with anyone-including my supervisor. Also, I asked the people who are still in my old suite today, and they told me no one is in my old room yet. They NEEDED my room. *nod*

    Dayum man, what a struggle, lol. I can't even cook. Or at least I don't try to.
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    I mean, that would've been ideal probably, but I don't really know anyone out here that I could've moved in with. I thought about Craigslist, but I was STRONGLY advised against that by supervision, heh...
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    Heh. I can say something, but it pretty much has to be through someone else. This isn't a rule or anything; I just notice that whenever I even so much as raise my voice a little bit, that's "inappropriate," haha. None of the NCOs have bad reps, really, although there was one that all the airmen hated, heh... (that individual is gone now, though. Thank goodness.) And nah man, I'm living on my own. One bedroom apartment all to myself. First time in my life. It's kinda nice, because I can be a recluse, heh.
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    Yeah, I got out there one time at the beginning of the year, and that was it, heh. I thought it was pretty awesome, though. I just haven't gotten anyone else to go out there with me again.

    2014 was a rebuilding year, more or less, heh... I wasn't getting along with the people I worked with super well for a while during the summer/fall. Things got better towards the end of the year though. I'm more or less not allowed to say anything to anyone anymore though, heh... Every time I do, I get pulled into an office and told I need to be nicer, essentially. Kids are dumb. NCOs are lazy (unless they're a brand new one. My current supervisor still cares a lot. He's cool.) So it goes. I did just get an apartment. It's got pretty much all the stuff I need, but I would like a coffee table or something for the living room. Also gonna take classes online with Oregon State starting next week.

    You were saying "we." Do you have a significant other out there now? Did you tell me about this before? Am I a jack ass and don't remember things? Heh.
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    How is life?
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    Ah interesting, as for the fan-fic. No, I was just imagining if the game was made using the respective FF sprites with the names, I was mostly doing it for amusement.
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    Hello again, I had this crazy idea and I'd thought i'd share it with you. I've been thinking of the xenogears game and thinking up a FFVI cast of characters to play the role of characters in Xenogears.

    Sabin as Fei Fong Wong
    Gau as the little kid who looks up to Fei
    Cid as the genious in Lahan (he would have to be younger in age to fit the role though)
    Celes as that girl Fei encounters in the forest
    Edgar as the Prince who drives the sandship

    what do you think of my picks so far?
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    Hey Zarg, how have you been? are you looking forward to this christmas season? and how are things otherwise?
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    Nice! why did u stop then?
    I love sketching some anime the most! It is the type of art I really wish to study. Sometimes I use black pen to sketch some quick messy drawings, and I often color chibis and simple anime pictures with Copic colors. when I don't have an idea I just pick up some pictures from any illustrating book and I start imitating, I find that very interesting but I started to teach myself to imagine and draw and I am in the progress now. I believe some drawings can be really hideous but some can be so fascinating that u don't believe u did this!
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    Thanks! I could hardly guess the meaning without what u said. I rarely do something here but I take ^^...hahah well, to give somewhere else
    I used to pass by my old conversations with everybody here every once in a while and I feel I can learn new thing with every VM I get!
    Thanks to everybody as well as yourself.
    For me, I wish to join any art institute or school, I looove drawing so much and currently doing some simple drawings on my own, if u have instagram you can see them in my asuma88 profile.
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    Messed up a little but I'm sure they will be good soon. Glad for the family thing of you. Are you still in college? what courses are you taking?and what are the discussions about?
    few people have dropped the classes = didn't take classes?
    I'm taking classes too but online and they are very helpful for my English, not to mention that I enjoy the lively subjects we study. I realized that I miss homewok and school and teachers, too! nothing feels as exciting as school when you're really eager to learn something it offers.
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    Hi, how is it going?
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