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  1. That all depends on Loco and the other mods. I pitched an idea to him and are awaiting their final say. If it doesn't go down, I'll begin work on creating an RP or two and start some RPB's.
  2. You going to hit the RP scene?
  3. S hit where the hell are you ya douche.
  4. Lucky for you in that you'll never be confused again, nor have to remember any of the older names just to keep up.
  5. And how is that lucky for me.
  6. Booya. Lucky for you, this WILL be my final name change, ever. I'm done.
  7. Shit you change your username more than a women changes underwear.
  8. Read the vile unlimited group forum, dudez.
  9. Happy birthday buddy.
  10. Are we having a private thread or whatever to discuss Fenix etc or just use pm or msn
  11. Yeah that could be my intro post to if you want.
  12. Okay, with Rocky gone, Loaf is going to take his place. In my thread, he will post the ambush, in which you can respond to attack his NPC's or Loaf himself, but not before he fires an RPG at me. That should be around his second post. You ready?
  13. Personally paragraphs are for *****'s jk i read alot of books set out like that so that is where i get my bad habits from but yeah go ahead and edit it into better structured paragraphs if you want.
  14. Good to see it posted. You can now post in response to my new thread where my character has specifically asked for your character to meet him.

    By the way, I suggest learning a bit more grammar. Reading your profile was almost irritating, as it was filled with run-on sentences and the lack of paragraphs. If you'd like, I could edit it myself, but you should improve it yourself so that you can improve on your writing ability.
  15. I have finally posted my character read it and notify me of anything that needs changing and/or any other discrepancies. Cheers
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