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  1. Just wondering when we were going to continue our RP. It has been a month since my post.

    UPDATE: Happy Birthday!
  2. No worries, I screwed up royally last week. I misread the rules and voided someone's vote. It turns out I was wrong. Everything got smoothed out in the end.
  3. Doh! Common mistake. Haven't been on TFF for so long, I forgot.
  4. I appreciate you marking my score in green for the Member Elimination Game. Just one thing, you didn't give me any points. And, it's Sunday, so you can give and take away 2 points.

    There's a guide I wrote 2 years ago. As it states it's an extensive guide to RPing and it covers a wide area of things you may want to understand about role-playing in general. It should help you with creating a character since I wrote a section about that too. Don't worry about the disclaimer either, lol.
  6. I will be your sponge. And I am on TFF everyday, minus Thursday mornings. But sure, that sounds very good. What should I call you, because I know you are getting your username changed?
  7. Hey, just wanted to mention that since no one has responded to your post in RP mentors I'd be more than willing to help you learn how to role-play. If you agree to come under my wing though, I expect you to be active and absorbent. Sound good?
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