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  1. Obliteration complete. Enjoy.
  2. If it has been twelve hours its hammer time.
  3. I do believe it's been 12 hours since Hunk was hit. Obliterate nowz?
  4. Yeah, I read about the 12 hour period. Obliteration shall happen either way.
  5. Just make sure to read the OP because there have been some changes since the last time you were one.there are time limit rules set to obliterations.
  6. Sure you can fill my slot. The next obliteration is mine so it will be yours, then tophs then mikes.
  7. Can iz be Obliteratorz in member elimination?
  8. P.S. - I almost forgot that I I totally want the executioner job back in all elimination threads.
  9. You know, I just had a thought about Member Elimination. To make it more interesting and fun, how about you throw in a surprise evil super-boss (like me, for example) during points in the game when X members have been eliminated, in which I'll get a certain amount of points, BUT every time someone votes me (or a different boss) down, everyone left on the elimnation gets -1.

    So let's say you start out with 20 members, then anywhere from 7-10 eliminations, a boss drops in and attacks everyone. In the process, both voters and the people still in the game will have to fight back. So people who are trying to eliminate one person might have to change their vote to keep their favorite member from dying.

    Buwahaha. That's evil shit right there.
  10. Where the hell have I been? Oh, selling my soul to Dragon Age, Chrono Cross, Modern Warfare 2, and instant Netflix movies, lol. I have some progress on my books though, so things are going already despite my lack of activity here. And in looking around, things haven't obviously changed either. Sad, but suspected.

    Late merry Christmas and a happy new year for ya dude.
  11. Whats up boss, where the hell you been?
  12. Welcome back D-bag. I am glad to see you back amongst the land of the living. I saw you thread in MB but I was occupied at the time with a low cell phone battery to properly respond.
  13. Your (kinda) God has returned.
  14. Not a problem buddy I will sticky it immediatly.
  15. I'm going to be making a new thread about factions and role-playing in the Members Business forum. If you'd be so kind as to sticky it, that'd be great. Of course, I understand it's something you could place in FAQS, I just think it'd be better to personally address such things to the newcomers themselves instead of just telling them, 'read the faq, lol'.
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