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    Have you seen The Dark Knight Returns? It's pretty epic, even more dark/gritty than those made by Nolan. Can't wait for Part 2, I mean Batman vs Superman, that's bound to be epic.
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    Didn't know til now, one version of The Avengers had another after credit scene where all of the Avengers eat shawarma, looks kinda funny. Apparently, shawarma sales rose noticeably (papers say over 60%) in USA thanks to the Avengers. Dammit, now I want some shawarma .
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    I see you mentioned The Last Remnant in "Making la switch" thread, is it any good (if you have any experience with it, that is)? I'm looking for a good JRPG for quite some time now, and The Last Remnant is available on PC. Reviews weren't too kind to it, but I hear a lot of praise from players. Apparently it's a lot more stable on PC, but I'm mainly interested about story and gameplay.
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    I still plan on playing it, there's no way in hell I'll miss out on Ezio's final piece of the story.

    I was bit concerned with the setting at first, colonial America didn't seem appealing to me at all (I was hoping more for medieval Asia, shoguns and samurais, although that was highly unlikely to begin with), trailers and gameplay videos however reassured me, AC III looks truly amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it. PC version won't be postponed too much this time which is great.
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    That sounds kinda disappointing. You're not the first one I've seen complain about that tower defense minigame. I have to agree, both AC II and AC Brotherhood are far from challenging.
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    If you don't mind, I would like to hear/read your thoughts on AC Revelations. How does it compare to other games in AC series? I read few articles, watched several youtube videos, new location seems to be the only difference which is good as I'm getting tired of Italy.
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    It's still early for me to think about AC Brotherhood, but I simply have to ask. Seeing as it's a direct sequel to AC II how much is new in ACB, are there any improvements over it's predecessor?
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    My guess is either Electro or Mysterio, the way the entire scene played out and from what I read points to both of them, some say it might even be Morbius.

    I would love to see a new Flash movie, I still recall the old one, it was garbage, but I still loved it =D

    Great news! The second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy was announced, this time though it will be more about the tournament itself, I wouldn't mind seeing another origin story or two.
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    Spiderman 2 had bigger "WOW" impact on me for sure which is only natural, and who can forget that epic train scene. Nevertheless, I can't stress enough how much I agree with you on Garfield being better Spiderman. Spiderman has always been little bit cocky and had great sense of humor, Tobey never managed to pull that off. Villains are one thing though both movies did equally great, Lizard turned out to be better than I expected. Now that I've seen the infamous after credits scene I can't stop guessing who that misteryous person might be.

    That was a great scene as well. Thanos will be one hell of a villain for sure. One can hope Justice League to be equally good, if they ever do make it that is.

    As much as Marvel fan in me hates to admit I always go back to The Dark Knight, although X-Men First Class is close second.

    And now, something random and funny... you have no idea just how much I laughed at this picture.
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    IGN can suck my ****, The Amazing Spiderman was indeed amazing, saw it today. I'm still not sure which one I prefer, this one or Spiderman 2. I also saw The Avengers, two hours of pure awesomness, that Hulk vs Loki scene was priceless.
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    Played Assassins Creed 2 til four in the morning even though I had to wake up at seven. Those few hours I actually slept I dreamed I was playing it, I shit you not.

    I plan on reading Mass Effect Revelation first than move onto graphic novels, storywise, I think that's the right order as well. I really need to familiarize myself with Green Lantern, aside from Batman he's the only DC hero that seems interesting to me. Would you say "Blackest Night" is good way to start?
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    That's good to hear. My brother bought me a new graphics card, I want to test it out and play something truly good while I'm at it, I'm glad to hear Assassins Creed 2 fits the profile, can't wait to give it a go.

    I'm reading Age of Apocalypse right now, the entire series. It has somewhat strange chapter order at first, though everything fits just fine eventually. It's an interesting take on X-Men universe, so far it's one of the best Marvel comics I ever read and huge recommendation if by any chance you haven't read it yourself. Have you read any comics lately?
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    In terms of storyline, how much do I lose if I go straight to Assassins Creed 2? I hear the first one is highly repetitive, and was wondering, do I need to go through first one to understand the story of Assassins Creed 2
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    Alistair was my tank and a decoy in that battle along with my own character, a dualwielding elf with high speed and dexterity, while Wynne and Morrigan were in the back casting ofensive and healing magic. I managed to finaly best her after several attempts.

    The final boss was surprisingly easy, Morrigan and my elf army proved to be rather useful in that battle whenever he would run/escape to higher grounds.
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