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  1. Nah, I am on Ultros. My user-name is Syddraf Halfelven I haven't played since last month: work, school, and other activities take up too much of my time. In the next week I shall get back on and work towards getting to the Heavensward story.
  2. I saw a familiar name on Leviathan server the other day as I was wandering Heavensward. Any chance you play on Leviathan?
  3. lol. I do it all the time. I'll still be surprised about the ending. I usually need to see things for myself for it to be true. I've seen the ending clips for FFXIII. I just haven't played the game for myself. I just got to Gran Pulse and I absolutely love it. I just haven't had the time to play. Plus I'm attempting to get caught up on current events. Gotta keep the post count up somehow.
  4. Why you looking at trailer for sequel to a game you haven't beaten?!?! It could ruin plot. It may have did.
  5. Maybe. I thought we killed Cid and he turned to crystal. Don;t spoil it for me, I haven't finished the game.

    I still don't understand the story about Jhil either. I would think that the villians would have changed in XIII-2 though. It would make it rather unoriginal if they didn't.
  6. Are you missing something in regards to something I said?
  7. Aye, good man. I was just finishing the quote and admiring your great choice of movie.
  8. I'm with loaded gun.
  9. You dig?
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