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  1. Thanks Loaf! No worries.
  2. Since I can't comment on blog.

    Happy Belated Birthday! I've been slacking on them these last few months!
  3. Aww .
  4. I feel the same way you do towards it being Christmas except for me it's Halloween. and I love Halloween but it's never the same, never will be.
  5. because he was talking bad about me on your wall.
  6. But you sent it to me
  7. but that was for Chett.
  8. I say happy birthday and you swear at me? That's not very nice
  9. **** you chett
  10. Happy Birthday Loafers!!!
  11. The South is always refereed to the Southern States of America.
  12. Shows how much I know about the US. Thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking closer to the equator though. She's in the middle somewhat. : /
  13. Yeah I ignore the coupon, just know how to shop well.

    If I'm at home I'm more and likely on my computer or 360. If I get really bored I'll go chill or have some people chill over here. So poor to be goin out, just bring the party to you. If it's 1 or 10 people lol.
  14. Those types of deals don't happen here. It's wither like 50 cents off, or it's free. Or it isn't even a deal. We can't double up on coupons or use combos. Meh. I still know how to find bargains though.

    I need a pick me up. I think a lot of people do. What do you do for fun?
  15. Well, my boss will have a coupon, find that item on sale and just get that item for like 50 cents when it was originally like 4.50. I'm not into it lol I just know how to shop .

    Yeah it's kinda down here lol...just the fact I'm not on my own. I only pay for food and internet here. I can't afford this place lol...
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