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    He says he likes winning. Are the Marlins going to be that much better than the Mets this year or in the future? I don't know.

    But what has really hurt us is Bud Selig. His friendship with the Wilpons has allowed them to keep ownership of the Mets yet they lost all this money, borrowed from MLB and recently a big bank. Yet Frank McCourt loses ownership of the Dodgers b/c of his troubles. MLB rips control from him in that case but Selig stays his hand against the Wilpons. Total BS. Selig is such a hack & a pawn.
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    Davis possibly out for the year & our offense recently in a sputter. Things can never be good for the Metropolitans.

    What's up with you?
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    Lol it's okay. xD It happens. I reported all those threads though.
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    Does Gen Chat have my name on it? ;p
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    That's awesome, dude! Must be a nice change of pace to not have to worry about classes and such for a while. ^^ Best of luck to you when you get into one of those other schools. I'm sure you'll get in just fine though.
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    Hey~! Been doing alright. I do have some of my voice, but it's still a bit weak. Better than the nothing I had for a long time though, eh? Thanks for the check up.

    How about yourself? Are you on summer break? ^^
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    haha see thats why I think him and Corki are the best AD carries in the game; they have blinky abilities like Arcane Shift/Valkyrie that allows them to either chase or put the distance between them and the other team. But man, GA and Zilean Ult, if my team lost to that I would of immediately surrendered out of rage lol.
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    oh very nice! I do like the guide, I don't play ez a whole lot but from the build order and items you get, it all makes sense. And yes on squishy ad carrys like him, corki, etc, flash/ghost is the way to go!

    And I actually kinda did the opposite, my first few ranked games I did really well (my first game we won with a 0/19 sivir on our team rofl), but after that I hit a bad bad baaaad streak of luck and went down from the 1300 range to 1000.

    but yeah I'll add you and we can duo queue or something! my name is zWelding
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    haha its true! I just hate his blink move that lets him get away, almost ganked him successfully with nunu one time while I was Absolute Zeroing him and he just blinks out last second. zz. Thats really good though in ranked, props to ya! Whats your build on him?

    And yes, jungling is hella fun and is helping me slowly but surely get out of elo hell right now. I mostly keep it simple by jungling with Warwick, but I love to counterjungle with Nunu, so much fun to get firstblood and steal their redbuff all at once.

    Yes, I do like Nocturne and I'd buy him if I had the rp to do so! (I just recently bought Jarvan and needed an AP Carry runepage so I'm broke for ip atm hahah) I think his Fear move is a little overpowered and I dont think his Q aura should let him do extra damage to turrets, but otherwise I like the balance on him. And yes that ult when used on me the first time was a little scary hahah.
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    hahaha I dont mind him to be honest, hes a hard character to play and I've only played him like one game.

    I really dont to play a solo mid champion to be honest, a jungler champ is more my thing. I live for the gank
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    ezreal avatar?? 0_0
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    Yeah, we're all together, just not in the intened location.
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    Our pitching seems to be the weakest and in need of some depth. I don't think we have any good prospects for pitching as well. Jon Niese is pretty young and did pretty well last year.

    I do like the young batch of fellas we have on the field. With good teaching from our coaches I feel like they can be good. I am looking forward to see how they do this year, especially Davis.

    Last year my Dad was upset that Wright - at one point - said the strikeouts don't matter. Which was stupid to say. Strikeouts don't move the runner over; at least when the ball is in play anything can happen even if it seems to be an assured out. This upcoming year Wright needs to cut down on his strikeouts.
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    happy b-day!
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    happy bday
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