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  1. Ah yeah hey jumped the shark mid way through season 2, which was too early imo, they could have got alot more through it without going into complete silly realm.

    Castle was fun too, kinda went crappy quick too, good for something to watch when yer eating or are bored
  2. Never saw Castle, but I did watch Chuck which was mostly hit and miss for me. The fourth season was by far the best in my opinion, with fifth it looked like they were heading somewhere but decided to scrap their plans halfway through.
  3. Aye such a great show, i rewatch it quite frequently, well as in every 2-3 years or so

    heck im even rewatching chuck to get some Adam Baldwin in, and still watching Castle even if it has gone stale
  4. "A man walks down the street with a hat like that, people know he's not afraid of anything" ****ing love your new avatar. Firefly is awesome, shame it got cancelled. At least we got some closure with Serenity.
  5. For the most part he does indeed sound a lot like Bender, and yes, Mark Hamill is the best Joker, I'm glad both he and Kevin Conroy decided to lend their voice in Batman Arkham Asylum/City which made those games even more epic.
  6. I need to get all the soundtracks for the FF games, my fav soundtrack is FF7 (i know right?), mainly for Aeris theme, the turks theme and the world map music, infact the world map song is probably my favourite, such a great build up and its just explodes...

    And yeah its from under the red hood, and yeah its a great movie, i downloaded it weeks ago and put it on at 5am goin to bed (late night gaming) just to see what the animation was like, the opening scene had me hooked, i ended up watching the whole thing there and then.. And yeah Di Maggio done a good job i guess, he did sound like Bender alot in parts, which kinda took me out of the thrall of the movie. I will miss Mark Hamill though, i dont think he will ever be matched, the perfect joker..
  7. Final Fantasy IX has by far the best soundtrack.

    Regarding your avatar, that's Joker from "Under the Red Hood", right? This might be a stupid question, but have you seen the movie? It's one of my favorite animated movies, it questions Batman and his moral in a rather great way, also, John di Maggio did surprisingly well as a Joker.
  8. Ill try hunt down a cheap copy of it, id rather rent it out for a few days than pay full whack. Also hoping i can devote some time to it, thats all thats stopping me really..

    And badass on the Resi 6 news, didnt know it was even in beta review, i drool to see it get slated..

    Also, CC is your 2nd fav soundtrack, whats your first?
  9. Crisis Core is surprisingly good, this comes from someone who as you're aware isn't really fond of VII itself. Zack's a great protagonist, the game itself is very emotional and the music is simply brilliant (my second favorite soundtrack in franchise), two negative things I could think of though are the lack of world map/towns to explore and Genesis, who is a rather dull villain... so yea, you should definitely give it a go.

    It seems we were right regarding Resident Evil 6, one thing I didn't see coming though are decent at best, even bad scores on all major gaming sites, it's seems reviewers worldwide finaly stood up and said "this isn't survivor horror we used to love".
  10. Cheers pal, it has been on my radar but decided to give it a miss, there is only so much constant point and clicking a man can take
  11. When/if you get bored with Diablo I suggest you check out Torchlight II, it's as good as Diablo if not better. It's like 20$ and doesn't require constant internet connection.
  12. Thats just it though, you just need good aim for fast paced games like UT. I have never seen a game demand even remotely enough team work than counter strike. I think its the realism that separates them, i think thats what draws people to it and also makes a watchable game as a spectator. Now i didnt spend too much time in the UT pool, i just didnt like the set up, despite my love for CTF. But my old CS team mate was a big player in the UK for most of the UT boom, he boasted to be second best in the UK, even pointed out the fella that was number 1 to me at lan...ANYWAY! They had both drifted to different games, because the games offered so much more.. Thats why UT is pretty much dead now, sadly.

    Source has done more for the competitive fps scene than any other game, it's a pity the CGS flopped, it was a major step back and alot of people drifted away from source then and there hasn't been a game like it since
  13. As an entire series, most definitely, one on one against original UT (the game I, and many more consider ultimate competitive FPS), now that's another debate entirely. Fact is, from my own personal experience and when you look at it from logical point of view UT is way better (and that's what I'm trying to say), now it doesn't necessarily mean it's more popular.

    As for why it's a better competitive game, well, it requires more skill and better reflexes (thanks to fast pace of UT itself), gameplay itself is more complex from movement such as dodging projectiles in several ways to weapons which are vastly different from each other and have multiple functions, not to mention add ons which can give you the edge over your opponent and stages with various effects such as low gravity (both of which CS doesn't have)... and that's just the gist of it.
  14. Nah our own personal preferences don't matter on the grand scale of things, CS is without a doubt the best team based fps in history to date. I'm talking from a competitive level of course, UT never really got there, which is sad as they were fun games.
  15. One correction if I may, the best ever team based first person shooter in existence is the original Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike is close second though =P
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