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    Welcome back!!
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    I tend to be absent for quite some time, but for some strange reason this place keeps luring me back. Can't complain, school bussy, the usual stuff. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see you back, how are you, what have you been up to this entire time?
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    Wassup bro! Been awhile, but I intend to stick around this time XD
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    It was criticized as well in the Dark Knight. I like the voice. I think it's intimidating. The voice is digitally touched to make it sound deeper, which has been explained as part of the Batman cowl's technology, which I now don't fully understand since in earlier scenes in Rises, he uses the same unaltered Batman voice that he used in Batman Begins.
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    You exist?
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    Tell me where the trigger is, and then, you have my permission to die.

    Seriously, how is that not bad ass? Why criticize something that's completely awesome?
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    Civil engineering actually, it's an interesting field save for few subjects such as tunnels and math (everyone hates math).
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    Honestly, it sounds way more interesting than what I'm doing right now... learning all about tunnels and shit =(
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    By the way, how's college going, which subject are majoring in?
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    Well then, welcome back and see you around.
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    I had forgotten that I changed my name, which sad considering I did it like two weeks ago xD

    Oh shit the pic 404'd. I wonder why, my botophucket still has it. Weird.
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    Pretty much =D It's been a while, how have you been?
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    Great to hear that you're back!!! <3
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    Hey - I'm currently trying to clean the adoption agency (summer wrap up or something like that). So I'd like to ask you if you're still interested in being an adopter and if there's anything you'd like to change about your profile. I suppose all of the adopters are about 2 years older than they are listed right now... but anyways.
    Just leave me a short VM. If I don't get a message from you within a month, I won't consider you as an adopter anymore, but still keep you in my list. (If I don't get a message within half a year, though, I'll strike your name from the list.)
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    LOL, what all do you have? (I have SCV, WWE 2010/11, Tekken 6, LBP2, MK9, and, somewhere, LBP1.
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