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  1. You still around? If you are I'm back and we are bringing the RP section of the forum back up to pace. Please join us.
  2. Whoa! Fun into the night eh? Wow. I wish I'd been involved now! J/k!
  3. Yes, I know. It doesn't make me any happier! I feel depressed seeing the activity it gets now.
  4. Because it's not widely known. And if you haven't noticed, the RP community here is absent. As in... there isn't one.
  5. Aww. I was hoping you would join. I'm needing more members. There's just not many people interested.
  6. No, it's not that big of a deal. =P
    I was just giving you a hard time. xD
  7. Its not that big of a deal is it??? Well, maybe I'll fix it if you join.
  8. No. I will not sit idly by while you screw up the logistics of my favorite franchise~ ><
  9. Well ofcourse the game doesn't work that way. I'm just showing that my character isn't fully human, but he also has a class. Don't knock it til you try it!
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