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  1. Yes ma'am! Now it doesn't cure everything right away of course, but it helps your body over time get rid of all the toxins, disease, etc...

    I would also recommend you taking it everyday. Just a teaspoon of vinager, and a teaspoon of honey. If the vinager still taste bad to you, then add more honey. Never add more vinager because it has a high acidic level which can be bad for your body if taken in excuse.

    Yes please look it up, I would rather you do so! Hope it helps you!
  2. Wow, really? Does it really work? I'll definitely look it up!
  3. Just some friendly advice

    I find if you take apple cider vinager and honey daily it really boosts your bodies ability to fight off disease and infections.

    Try finding the ACV that has Mother in it. Also you only need a teaspoon of it.

    Please look up some info on the matter, it really just might be your savior.
  4. Happy late B-day! Does it feel good turning 18? I had wished i had turned 12 again during my 18 b-day lol
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