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  1. Glad you are too! So what's new? =D
  2. Yay!! I know I have just been busy with life and stuff. I don't really come on any forum anymore LOL I am glad you're well!
  3. Iiiiit's you! Ohai! How're you?! Not spoken to you in years! =D

    I'm doing good! Really good! Still got a job, healthy, etc. ^^
  4. *peeks her head in* hi!!!! How have you been?
  5. *hugs* you are agood friend
  6. i'm alright I guess,not much hours at work this week again so i haven't been doing much,just stuff around the house lol
  7. D'aaaw. Nothing has happened. I just have loads of work to get done, and MSN is stopping me from doing it. *hugs*

    How're you doing?
  8. ohhh okay,i was worried something happened!! *hugs*
  9. Heeeeeeeeeey sis. ^^
    I'm doing goood. I've not been in an MSNing mood much lately, so I've been laying low.

    I hope you're well. =3
  10. sis! hope all is well,love ya
  11. Happy New Year!!! =D
  12. I miss yoooooooou too! ;-;
  13. sis! miss you
  14. Boo!

    ... did I scare ya?
    How're you doing? I hope all is well. =]
  15. it's going lol,just been busy and stuff,lots to do
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