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    Honestly the only part in the main quest worth doing to just do is to finish the Shout they give you...the 3rd level is AMAZING lol.
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    =O Hiiiiii
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    I think the main problem with 'equal opportunities' is that it's not actually 'equal'. Employers know that the likes of Polish and Eastern European workers will come to the UK to work stupidly long hours for minimum wage and somehow be able to live in cities despite their insignificant pay - whereas the people who have grown up in the UK see that as unfair living conditions (which it is), and even in cases where they'd be willing to do that sort of slog, may not be considered due to stereotypes.

    I do have a great deal of admiration for Polish immigrants who come to the UK, since many of them come by bus to take awful positions. But it's almost disgusting that controversy such as 'must speak Polish' featuring in an job advert for ASDA a few years ago can exist. That pretty much confirms that they were favouring immigrants in that case. And on what grounds? Brits actually do apply for these jobs. I was one of them in the case of Amazon.

    There are individuals that don't deserve jobs. But at the same time a lot of them don't deserve government support, but letting them starve to death and be homeless would be unethical. The thing is, you were on JSA for a while, I know Zoe was also on JSA and Heather (Govinda, remember her?) too. All three of you were actually deserving of a job but there were probably opportunities that you missed out on, because employers chose to employ some idiot who posts pictures of themselves 'wasted' on Facebook every Sunday morning.

    Maybe employers don't try hard enough at the recruitment process?

    Interestingly in Northern Ireland there's this whole additional layer of 'equal opportunities' that you may have seen if you've ever filled in an application form that is used everywhere in the UK, the whole 'Catholic/Protestant/Neither' checkboxes. In those cases, non-Christians have the better chance of getting jobs due to a cultural thing. And yet Northern Ireland is still considered part of 'tolerant' UK.

    I think the European Union is an excellent idea in principle. It's just that it's very uneven. France gets some sort of subsidy for its agricultural section despite probably being the third richest country in the EU, London would've been the source of 80% of the proposed financial transaction tax, and Greece potentially manages to mess up the economy of the world. And Poland has all of these emigrants and no immigrants.
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    **** it, I'm moving to London. There must be a job for me there (I do have a 'job' but it's only 3 hours a week). I just can't comprehend a GAME that big. Is it bigger than the Disney store or the HMV? They're really the only two shops I ended up in the last time I was in London.

    Don't feel bad about saying the truth about KFC, for some reason when I ever I fill in a web application with them I get an instant rejection - probably because I'm declaring myself White - British, the one time I changed it to 'Prefer Not to Say' I made it a step further in the application process. Now this almost makes sense in London, but not in Glasgow, and especially not in Inverclyde - my High School was all white.

    I know one person working in my local Burger King - he is as thick as dog shit and got into Uni through college where the final mark was dependent on a group project - he's also from Middle-Eastern descent. I just think there must be something going on behind the scenes with these fast food places taking on ethnic minorities - maybe they get a government grant or something?

    Also my local Amazon warehouse hired a bunch of temp staff. All from Poland. They actually recruited them in Poland and bought them accommodation so they could be paidalmost nothingfor the privelage to work in the UK.

    Now I'm not getting into the whole 'British jobs for British people', but I think there should maybe be some form of corporate responsibility to make sure that the locals have 'first dibs', it can't be any worse than internal recruitment can it?
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    Drip? Eeeeew....

    That's what I took away from that.

    I don't think I've ever been in your shop so I don't know how big it is, but it does seem like they've hired too many - 11+? I worked in Tesco last Christmas - and they only took on 10 people for the Christmas season, despite being large enough for 25 checkouts and 6 self-service checkouts on the ground floor. Also we got less than 8 hours of training, one of which was enough to license us to sell alcohol. Probably shouldn't tell the government.

    Also as a Londoner maybe you could explain something to me? Why can't anybody speak English!? Everytime I've been in London I've always encountered shop staff with no language skills who can't understand my most clear accent, granted I'm Scottish, but when I listen to my own voice recorded (I hate that btw, it's a very high-octaved voice) I would struggle to describe it as a Scottish accent. Is the job pool tiny? Is it a big conspiracy? Do shops hire them so Boris doesn't look racist?

    I actually enjoyed you're rant though, feel free to do rant at me anytime.
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    Just read your journal entry. Surprised to learn that your shop took on a sizeable number of temps.

    Was there a disproportionate number of attractive-girls-who-know-nothing-about-games hired, or did they just pick tossers with lots of 'experience'?

    Or did GAME actually hire people who know what they're talking about? I know you do. Unfortunatley it seems temps never do.
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    Skyrim looks bloody brilliant! I wish I could get it but I'd rather have it for PS3 or PC than on the 360 >.>
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    I don't actually think you're a bitch. I don't know what you are. You're some sort of entity that's unknown to me, so I can't define you.
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    Long story short, she let me know just how much she trusts me (none) by freaking out and telling me who I may and who I may not hang out with. Worst day ever :/
    However, things are a bit better now how're you?
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    Why are women so complex? (Not to imply that all women are the same, it just seems I encounter the same issues no matter who I wind up in a relationship with and fight it rather frustrating)
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    That sounds really cool actually. Hmmmm.
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    I was going to let her know that Michael was planning to obliterate her, and whether or not she still wanted to write her own. Since he went ahead and did it, it doesn't really matter anymore. I'm actually a little disappointed in it.
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    I think I see what you're getting at.

    Obvious Question: You heard from Victoria lately?
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    Keeping my stress levels down is like having a separate part time job. It's do-able, it just takes work. I do find that things are slowly getting better though. Woo! I know all about those miserable holes and how to steer clear of them.

    Hehe, It looks like it. Fun times ahead.
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    It's the last three digits of my student number. It's been etched into my BRAIN!! XD

    Woo! lots of hours! That's good to hear.

    Things here have been beyond stressful. Oddly, I am dealing with it. It's just been really exhausting.

    I also miss my username. This one feels...odd.
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