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  1. I"m guessing that is Monster Power for you. Yeah it's the same with Norm, NM, Hell and Inferno. Legendaries aren't even the best items gotta get lucky with a yellow on some items, all really depends. I never played ME3 multiplayer, i should but I didnt'. I tried starting up a new ME1 last night but the disk my roommate has was just way to bad and couldn't get pass the Main Menu.
  2. Also, I effin' loved Mass Effect 3. I played the crap outta the online multiplayer. Haven't touched it in over a year tho :S
  3. I got lost with the acronyms. MP is monster power right? They don't have MP 10 in the console version, They have the different levels of difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno) and then you can select the difficulty again (Easy, Normal, Hard, Master 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). So I'm guessing Master 5 is the same as MP10? I'm confuzzled LOL. One of my friends has the PC version, she said that legendaries drop far more frequent in the console version. Also, you don't need as much stuff to make the staff of herding to get to Whimsyshire.
  4. Console might be different but honestly no need to waste your time in Nightmare but if your gear isn't good enough then you might. It's about just getting your gear up there. If you can beat Hell by yourself then you might just want to farm Act 1 on like lvl1-5 MP level and farm till your DPS is high up there. If you really want to get more gear and play it more. Go join Twitch TV streams and just play with people. You will get random millions of gold. You can literally get free gold from playing on people's Twitch TVs. My friend gave me 10 million and I can do Hell MP10.
  5. So is there a trick to crafting items? Cuz I've had NO luck at all with it and find better stuff farming for legendary items. :S Irritates me how legendaries will drop like candy if I play in Nightmare or Hell mode, they're almost non-existent in Inferno. I've almost got enough items to craft a Hellfire ring, farming the Keywardens isn't so bad but maaaan, using the infernal machine and going at the 2 bosses suuuuucks ha ha.
  6. I don't know, Jarad just stopped posting. Might have been 2010, right around the time "Jin Police" was created in the groups.
  7. Our humidity is like. 85 degrees out but it feels like 115.

    Yeah I have facebook. I have like Meier, Chett, Mel, Cesar and a few others on my FB.

    Vegas is always a blast for tourists .

    Also it's been raining for about a week just at random places at random times.
  8. You need to come here and experience humidity. DISGUSTING. It was so funny, I was checking the weather network for Vegas before we left and I kept thinking it looked weird. It wasn't until I checked my local one that there wasn't a "Feels Like" option. It'll be 26c but will feel like 40c with the humidity. SO gross.

    Ha ha ha, totally hear you about not being tired in the casino. I was living off of like 4 hours of sleep each day but the second I went into one of them I was wide awake. Damn oxygen. And as IF it rained while we were there!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

    Only on a vacation I go on would it rain in the middle of the desert. FML.

    Valley of Fire was awesome. Do I have you on Facebook? Or are you one of those people who doesn't "do" FB? I got some awesome pictures while there.
  9. It's ok.

    Summer ended Sunday. We finally got our Fall Storm for winter.

    What? No humidity? We've had high humidity all September lol. And all October so far.

    I never been to Valley of Fire. Those kids are only tired once they get into their hotel room lol.
  10. Fack. I never got a chance to come back on here before we left.

    Which shouldn't have been an issue because I had my phone and Excalibur had free Wifi. But we were way up in the tower room and couldn't get a signal to save my life. We ended up being so crazy busy I probably wouldn't have been able to meet up anyways but I hate that I was there and could've hung out for a bit!!!!


    Vegas was interesting! Our friends got married in the Valley of Fire, was pretty cool out there. Hot, but not stifling with not having humidity. I'm sure its different in the summer though. We went to Paris for the buffet (delish) and watched dueling pianos in one of the casinos.

    Far too busy though, upsetting too seeing so many exhausted kids being dragged up and down the strip at 2am. Bleh. The mom in me cringed.
  11. and Saturday I'm mornings so I can for sure meet up with you for a drink. I aint no serial killer
  12. This Sunday I work at 5pm!
  13. What's your schedule lookin' like?
  14. hahaha good one

    Well I wont know what time I next weekend till this weekend so I'll keep you posted. I so wanna have a drink with elewennnnn
  15. Man, my mind is still in Mexico apparently.

    Sorry, I meant to say that we fly into Vegas next Friday night (Sept 30th) and leave at 11pm Monday, October 3rd. Its a short visit lol. But Phil is for sure doing the dune buggy racing Sunday morning, that would be best for me. So long as you aren't some serial killer or whatever.
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