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  1. Omg omg omg omg backatcha babe! <3 How are you????
  2. Omgomgomgomg hallooooo. <3
  3. Wow! So close, I bet you're so excited! <3 Hope it's the bestest day ever for you, love!
    Thank you for the concern! I moved away from London in the last year so luckily, I'm safe for now, BUT... one of the attack sites is five minutes from where I used to live. It's terrible, my mum called me up last night worried because she could see the fire from our old house. The biggest fire in the area was a family business that had stood there throughout two world wars. Watching all those videos last night feel like I was having bits of my childhood ripped up; from where I used to live, I had underground access to pretty much all of London, and I'd been to all of the attack sites in the area. It's really sad. There have been a lot of copycats further North as well, but nothing in my county so far.
  4. Been good! Things are crazy here with the wedding in a month. Eeek! A MONTH! But yeah, other than that on par as per usual. Thought of you with all the riots going on... not sure if you are near the areas or not!
  5. Hello lovely! How have you been? Hows your gorgeous little one?? Miss you too!! <3
  6. Miss you!!!! <3
  7. WHERE ARE YOU?????

    I miss you.
  8. Awww, I can't wait to see a photo!

    As for your laptop, if you have a jump drive it'll be easy to transfer your stuff from computer to laptop. Just plug the jump drive in, copy and paste the files onto it and then repeat with the laptop. A long and boring process but it gets the job done! Eventually!

    Nothings' really happening with me, same old. Painting more or less mostly and caring for my pets. I now run what my parents call "a home for hamsters", my house is filled with hamster toys, haha.
  9. Hehehe! Thanks! Yes, I have a beautiful baby girl, named Claire. She's 6 months old and probably the best thing that's ever happened to me and my other half. I will post some pictures, if I knew where to post them to!

    Also, I just got a new laptop so I'm trying to figure out how to import stuff from the other computer to here. What's new with you?
  10. You came back! You really shouldn't keep leaving us. It makes the unhappy water stream from our eyes. Good to see you! I caught the word "baby" there. BABY?! Wow, congratulations! I love that new baby smell. Like a mixture of rusks, talcum powder and... fresh stuff.
  11. Definately. All the threads will stay down the shitter in ID without intelligent minds! D:

    And yeah, I'm on a holiday right now... At my house, haha, but with my boyfriend this time and he's staying for a while, so I might as well make the most of it!
  12. Thanks for the message. Yeah, life kinda went up and got crazy/busy on me. So much stuff is new, so little time to tell it all. I suppose those threads will always stay that way, eh?

    Take care, although by the past post you're going somewhere?
  13. It's a shame you went all inactive on us. It was nice having a slice of common sense in our threads. Especially those lame fecking Intellectual Discussion threads about WUZ JESUS REEL? MABEY. HU NOZ? I know I moderate them, but that doesn't seem to give me anymore right to just destroy the threads willy-nilly. Your posts and wit are MISSED.
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