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    Tiffany if i put myself out there dating again transgender or not & if i choose to do you think i should tell her or warned her that I'm a otaku or is it better for her to find out on her own?

    To explain why am i asking as 2 examples if she wants to come in my room or if she choosees to visit me ,visit me in my room or walked in on me & if you like anymore examples & if i thought anymore examples feel free to ask & I'll gladly give you more examples & if i choose to
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    Tiffany if you & your husband have a PS4 & if you ever wanted to be friends with me on PS4 my PSN is eagleeye8715 & if you want me to added your husband too as well & of course if your husband ever wanted to be friends with me on PS4 too as well then feel free to either tell me his PSN or he can added me whichever he prefers .
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    Tiffany if you don't mind me saying it here instead of PM you so you know as a update of what's going on with me so you know I've gotten myself doom & battleborn 1 both for PS4 this weak so now i have 5 PS4 games so far at the moment & I've also connected my PS4 to our wifi & before you ask me no no I'm not using PS+ because it's either A a bit much & B it's 50 dollars a year so I've chsen to skip it & not use PS+.

    & yep so i can go on youtube to watch stuff & do other stuff online too as well so there you have it & i can watch more anime if i chooses to & like i said i can also do other stuff online too as well anyway just telling you what's going on with me so far at the moment how are you doing,anything new & did you get anything new or added to your collection lately .
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    If you don't mind me saying in a way you kind of remind me of Lika(if i spelled her name right) from 1 of my favorite shows Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything when she said the other teams have to face me they have to just Deal with it. when you said I am me. I am awesome. Deal with it .
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    I"m guessing that is Monster Power for you. Yeah it's the same with Norm, NM, Hell and Inferno. Legendaries aren't even the best items gotta get lucky with a yellow on some items, all really depends. I never played ME3 multiplayer, i should but I didnt'. I tried starting up a new ME1 last night but the disk my roommate has was just way to bad and couldn't get pass the Main Menu.
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    Console might be different but honestly no need to waste your time in Nightmare but if your gear isn't good enough then you might. It's about just getting your gear up there. If you can beat Hell by yourself then you might just want to farm Act 1 on like lvl1-5 MP level and farm till your DPS is high up there. If you really want to get more gear and play it more. Go join Twitch TV streams and just play with people. You will get random millions of gold. You can literally get free gold from playing on people's Twitch TVs. My friend gave me 10 million and I can do Hell MP10.
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    OMGosh its your birthday? Happy birthday!!
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    No! I'm not moving to a house! Actually, I TURNED DOWN one (long story)! I meant are YOU moving to a house? Ergo, the move from a condo. Are you selling because you're upgrading? Moving to another condo? Castle down the street? Pineapple under the sea? What's the story?

    Am I right about 'tits up,' though? Makes perfect sense doesn't it!

    As for my twit, I'll PM it to you. I need to PM you about something else anyway.
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    Sorry to hear about your condo! Terrible luck! :-( Hotels = the suck! I hope you or your neighbor had insurance coverage to fix the water damage. That's my only beef about condos: shit like that can happen through no fault of your own. Moving to a house, possiblyhopefullymaybe? How long are you stuck in the suck?

    SSDD means same shit, different day. To answer the rest of your questions, respectively: 1) It's complicated, 2) I wish, 3) socks? 4) Yes, I deactivated FB a long time ago. Got to the point where FB was more interested in me than I was in it, which changed the dynamic of our relationship. After college I stopped using it extensively for communication and grew tired of reading up on what different privacy control they were ****ing with that would/could change something with my profile. Too much work for something I barely used. Twitter is much more my style. Brief, random nonsense.

    Note to self: include in future book an argument on why 'tits up' should be used as a positive expression. Tits = positive! Up = positive! Why do a nice pair of positives suddenly turn negative?
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    Yeah I heard that about Borderlands 2. I almost pulled the trigger and bought it, now I am kinda glad I didn't. Nothing too much that's new here. SSDD mostly! Been playing Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III (so much fun), and a replay of Final Fantasy Tactics.
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    Yes it has been forever. I am well. I see you on Xbox playing Borderlands 2 a lot!
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    Poke. Poke. I see you. Hello, how are you doing?
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    I don't know, Jarad just stopped posting. Might have been 2010, right around the time "Jin Police" was created in the groups.
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    Omgomgomgomg hallooooo. <3
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    Don't talk to me in your scandalous way, Tiff. You're baaaaad.
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