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  1. No I has not. Now that I'm officially 18 he has no reason to dodge me XD

    Moving is fun! Sometimes, anyway. I've been job hunting to for part time during spring break. Will probably end up working at Walmart or something.
  2. I will have to go watch that season again because I just can't remember that happening, but anyways sorry for the long pause, I moved recently and have been busy looking for jobs and settling in! Hope things are going great for you girl! Have you heard from Che?
  3. Yeah I still need to see those XD I had/have a crush on a lot of famous people still. The guy that plays Fox Mulder is pretty smexy. Yeah they got together in season 8 when Mulder popped up here and there and were living together in the latest X files movie.

    Glad to know you got to visit family =D that's awesome!
  4. What!? I don't remember this! I know those big eyes! <3 and boobies! I'm like the Cookie Monster but instead I'm like "Booooobieees!"

    On a random note I was able to go see some family that haven't seen in over 8 years. Mainly because of some fallout I had with a few, but everything was put in the past and it was a well needed visit.

    Just watched the third hobbit movie as well. Don't know if your a fan but it was enjoyable to say the least.
  5. Dude they did get together ;O Gillian Anderson is pretty hot though =D
  6. Haha, you sounded like Butthead in my head when I read that!

    I take it I'm not the only on infatuated with boobs then. The bumpy brail /Steve wonders are the best!

    I can't believe Fox & Dana never got together, I was always expecting that to happen. Conflict of interests is a bitch though. I totally had a giant crush on Dana when I was a kid to my early teens. I was such a bad kid!
  7. lol you said titty. boobs. nipples.

    Yeah the X Files is awesome =D I enjoyed every minute of it ^^
  8. What!? No way! I have trouble finding people who have seen the X-Files, let alone enjoy it for that mater.

    Oh don't be such a titty baby.
  9. X files is awesome =D I've watched all the episodes plus the two movies XD

    But thanks to you, imma have nightmares.
  10. I'm sure you've seen these movies before...

    Now I have the damn X-Files theme song stuck in my head...
    Anything regarding aliens or the paranormal does this to me.

    My only cure is to get on netflix and processed to watch 10 episodes.
  11. Nah! Nothing I can't handle. I was going to find a picture though to negate my lack of response, but then I remembered it won't let me post them on visitor messages.
  12. Twas creepy was it not? XD
  13. I will have to give it a shot then, and I don't even know we're to begin on your last sentence.
  14. You poor sap! Its a really good demonic mix BTW =D However it might get me prego with demon babies.
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