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  1. Wow, I don't see many accidental spoiler victims that often nowadays, what with the Netflix and Hulu stuff where you can select your own episode... Which one did you watch anyway? Well, it prolly doesn't matter, no matter where you are in the story, there's always more exciting stuff yet to happen, I think...

    Oilfield? Searching memory banks... I think the only movie I've watched with oil workers would be... Steven Seagal's 'On Deadly Ground' I don't suppose you've... no, probably not. Here's a clip. Warning, this is probably the most annoying, painful youtube vids I've ever seen.

    Thanks, that humor surprisingly doesn't come in handy much in real life... people have a shortage of humor around California. Such a shame, I mean, beauty out the wazoo, but the people are crazy serious.

    Hmm, melatonin, good choice. Do you regularly use dietary supplements? I mean, most of the people I know are on some form of medication. Myself excluded of course, bravo, dude.
  2. I've heard about game of thrones, and even seen some episodes myself. I was kinda bummed out that I didn't watch it from the beginning so I never reply pursued more episodes afterwards but it was great to watch. I loved the LotR trilogy myself, and I'm looking forward the the third hobbit movie, just need to go see it.

    When you work in the oilfield you never have much time for a anything, and when I am off all I want to do is relax and be lazy! Haha!

    Omg! Haha! They way you type, just to funny! The whole falls off table deal!

    So I totally feel asleep, and pretty much ruined my whole schedule even more. So I'm going to OD on melatonin tonight to hopefully get back on track.
  3. The walking dead is pretty cool. I'm still stuck on the early fifth season episodes though. Hmm. Recommendations... I kinda like Dexter, but that's very R rated... other than that, Game of Thrones, awesome! But I grew up on The Lord of the rings trilogy, so it's not really for everyone... I've watched the Vampire Diaries, that's kinda girly... I watch Arrow too, that has flaws. House? Lost? Yup. I'm certainly tired out.

    Hmm. Yup. I have a stupid old laptop and even I'm on Steam. I do envy your iphone, though. Mine can only play some silly California Gold Rush game (also free). Yes. Steam has all those things and more. It will even heat up your french fries for you.

    *falls off table*
  4. Yes I recently got caught up on season5 of the walking dead. Other then that no...sadly. I should find something since I have the next two weeks off. Any recommendations and I will give it a shot.

    See this is why I need to get me another computer. I've heard nothing but awsome things about steam! Plus it has a lot of old games I would like to replay!

    Lately I've just been using the old handy dandy iphone, but it is starting to get old.
  5. Yeah. Me too. Sorta... I kinda wanted to sleep, but I guess I got a little hyper after all those Supernatural episodes =_=; Do you have any favorite television shows?

    PC. It's a steam thing. You download it or something... it's free though. That pretty much sold me. Or, didn't, cuz...I didn't buy it... Ugh. my brains are fried.

    Yeah, me too. After episode 1, I pretty much lost all expectations ...and then laughed about it, and quoted it to death... But I'm tentatively hoping this one'll be good.
  6. Oh yeah I screwed myself along time ago on that! Haha! I should have went to sleep along time ago, but I guess other things got the better of me. Now I'm going to have to pay the piper and wait another 12 hours or more.

    Is that a concole or PC game ragnarok online?

    I wanna see the new movie by J.J. But I'm really scared they might end up being worse then the newer trilogy. From what I've heard hey really cares about the project, so anything I can cross I'm crossing right now. Hands, elbows, knees, and toes!
  7. I know what you mean. I'm behind on a lot of hobbies and still in wind-down myself from all the schooling. This place is just quiet enough to settle, but not enough to bore people, I guess.

    I've been Netflixing and playing Ragnarok online.

    Yeah, the original Star Wars was unbelievably epic. Even now I'm getting the urge to watch it again...

    Hmm... it's 4 am here. Isn't it kinda late for someone in Texas to be awake?
  8. Haha! The chamberlain has been banished!

    I'm doing absolutely great, and being able to finally get the time to come back to the site has really been a major stress reliever I've been needing.

    Well my number one past time is my xbox one, big fan of the battlefield, and gears of war series! Recently I bought a ps4 so the one has been neglected lately. Trying to get as much play time as possible before I get sent back to the field. Also a fan of classic fantasy movies, exspecially the old school Star Wars films!

    I really don't have to many hobbies anymore now that I work all the time. I would really like to get back into some athletics. I really haven't done much sports since school and it's been a real big bummer as of late. My only real Hobbie outside of my job lately has been gaming.
  9. Random is the coolest.
    Hey! I loved The Dark Crystal. I practically grew up with it

    "Rawk! My HAND!!!"
    "So... my hand..."

    So how are ya? What are you interested in? Do you have any hobbies?
  10. Hi Cyanist, the names Eric! I know random, just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. Well have a good one!
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