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    Sorry, but Cloud wouldn't have Auto-Life or other Materia of that type for he was a ShinRa grunt at the time, and they get basic Materia from the company, but can get better ones as they progress in the company, and since Cloud had only been with ShinRa for a few months, I doubt he'd be far along enough to get a "Final Attack" Matteria from the Supply Pod
    Or is that the point you wanted to make? Your last line was a tad confusing lol
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    The only thing other that I can see in the story that I read was that the fiends used the wind to slash at the victims so there might be some type of conjunction there. Over all I am stumped with it but I figured I would give it a go haha.
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    True, true.

    I haven't checked out the Eternal Sonata soundtrack.
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    I hope that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has a really great soundtrack as did its predecessors; that was one of the great qualities of those games. I just looked up the composer of the next Golden, Motoi Sakuraba, whom did the first two Golden Sun games so I am pleased he will deliver again.
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    I noticed a distinct lack of Oskar and I was gone from TFF a month myself.
    I'm glad I managed to find that ebuddy app earlier this morning tbh.
    It'd been too long.
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    Long time no hear from dude.
    What up?
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    So I restarted Final Fantasy VI today, after beating Final Fantasy IV DS yesterday, and I have a question pertaining about Banon and would like your thoughts on the matter. What exactly is "Pray" that Banon knows? Is it some form of rudimentary magic? He could be a descendant of the magi whose ancestors did not stay in Thamasa, if it is magic based.

    Or would it be some form of divine power, given to him by the god/goddesses? There is a High Priestess in Figaro, though the religion of the world isn't delved into much from what I recall. But even if it was some form of divine power, would it still not be magic?
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    Ah, I see. Though, I'm starting to kind of doubt my Seer now. I like his design, so that's why I use him, but he's a tad on the low-damaging side, hmm? Both Luso and Adelle have different jobs, so the only Hume left that has an original design that I like would be Frimelda; thankfully, she comes with Dual-Wield already. Would you suggest going Parivir/Paladin and Seer instead, with Friemelda? I hear that she has an incredible attack growth of S+ for Paladin.

    I never found any races of them that are that useful, though. In the first Tactics Advance, I had a Gunner with Ultima Shot who was really powerful, but in this game, your MP starts at 0 so it kind of ruins it. And I've never really liked Bangaa much. ^_^" On the topic of Alchemists, I have one, but I don't know whether to make his other job Sage or Illusionist. Alchemist/Illusionist was my Tactics Advance setup (my Sage was with a Morpher, which sadly disappeared). When using an Alchemist with Rasp, it's basically lethal when you have a Blue Mage traveling along with him that has Matra Magic, right?
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    Yeah, I understood everyone's reasoning for Magick Frenzy, but I never really liked the designs of Hume fighters much. xD Sucks that books can't be dual-wielded, though, even though they're one-handed.

    With Geomancy, any element that the enemy is neutral to they would become weak to instead, correct? Would that only work for the eight elements or normal, too? I need to think of whether to use that or Halve MP, though, because in my party, there's no Flintlock or Canoneer. I have Luso, Adelle, a Hume, a Viera, a Nu Mou, and a Gria.

    I've tried it, and to my surprise Illusions do work with Magick Frenzy. I forget, what does Recharge do? Does it just randomly replenish your MP by a little each use? If that's the case, then I suppose Geomancy's the better way to go after all.

    Hahaha, I looked back at my Seer, and he did have Replenish MP equipped from the start. xD I think if you just attack them on your own, they should recover some MP, right? I'm not ever too concerned about HP (since I always have like ten levels on the enemy from doing lots of quests), so that it seems friendly fire is good? ^_^"
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    Oh, you have quite a bit of knowledge on Grimoire of the Rift, right? Well, I need some advice. I'm wanting to make a Seer as one of my main Hume jobs, since I happen to just like the design (yeah, I know, weird xD), but I'm having trouble trying to figure out what secondary ability to give him so that he becomes the best he can be, and also passive an reaction abilities. And I want the Seer to be the main job, not the secondary job, which is kind of mindless, but it's what I prefer. Do you have any thoughts?

    I was going to try Illusionist with Halve MP and Absorb MP so that my Seer can target every enemy with only 14 MP each time, plus an extra hit with Magick Frenzy, but is there a better setup?
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    I always found getting specialists and leveling them up to be so tediously long. The Gladiator thing, I've never even gotten one to 9,999. Grinding appropriately? I'm not sure I get what you mean by that. xD Care to clarify?

    I always wanted Asagi to be the actual protagonist, though. Nippon Ichi doesn't seem to be extremely popular for some reason, though. I guess in terms of strategy RPGs, Tactics and Fire Emblem has them weighed down? Besides Disgaea 3, I don't think I've seen any other Nippon Ichi game even in stores.
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    Are you abusing the Foresight glitch in the first Disgaea? x3 It's unbelievable how fast you can raise your levels, but it's so tedious after you get most of everything. All I have left is a level 9,999 Cosmic Hero with a Yoshitsuna that can wipe out the game. >>

    I have a question for you regarding Nippon Ichi, actually. Do you know anything more about Makai Wars? I heard they abandoned it at one point, and then picked it up again, but that was around 2005, I think. I want to see that game released really bad (because of Asagi), but then there's the problem of Nippon Ichi maybe going for bankruptcy. =\
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    Wow. Four timer? XD;;;

    Eesh. But yeah, I figured it out and found a strat guide on gamefaqs. xD
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    I'm having a bit of trouble in FFTA2. Wondering if you could help.
    How do I complete "An Earnest Search"? It's that one quest where the guy is two-timing on two different girls at the same time.

    I don't currently have anyone I can dispatch for it...and Luso just plain sucks at it. xD
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    Oskar my main Paladinigga!
    Sound like a place with a worthy cause in mind?
    We're certainly short on Paladins.
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