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  1. I'm waiting for a period like yours now XD I'm at my happiest when theres nothing planned and I can do anything I want, there's a lot of birthdays and obligations I have to do this time of the year, at the moment i'm just waiting until tomorrow I can start my Gym routine again with no interruptions from the holidays ^^
  2. Sorry to hear about the gf. Job wise, things have been slow, but I did get a customer today, which is a nice start for the new year. Otherwise things are fine with me, not too much going on right now.
  3. My job is kind of hit and miss at the moment with the holiday season it's super busy but other than that i'm enjoying my job I work in a pharmacy as a Dispenser. Personal Life is pretty good I just lost a girlfriend I had but it's not bothered me as much as I thought it might at first, Onwards and Upwards I guess. How about you matey? Is the business doing well?
  4. Sup Robbo, it's been awhile, how are things with you? how is job, school related studies, and personal life going?
  5. hey bud
  6. haha wow i've been away for a while
  7. since january of this year
  8. I'm good how long have you been back?
  9. yep, how are you doing?
  10. DUUUUDE you're alive
  11. im in the same situation my mum wont stop moaning at me but im 16 so all i have are GCSE's and one week of work experience which is compulsory and an organisation that helps teenagers get jobs in the uk called Connexions takes the pis* doesent it
  12. oh not yet, i feel that i'm getting close though. i'm working with a job coach currently on the situation. and i'm 19.
  13. I meant if you wanted to talk really mate, did you get a job? and how old are you
  14. hey man, you said you wanted to talk? i'm back now
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