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  1. Yup, it was back in the day for sure. My Unlce Alex was like the only person I knew who had a dreamcast. All I really remember about playing it was playing Zone of the Enders and some House of the Living dead game. Yup, I remember getting my first ps2 aswell. I litaraly ran outa my house screaming to my neighbors. They were gamers too and we bought FFX and DBZ Budokai one...ah, nastalgia.
  2. lol yea i bought that dreamcast from my art teacher back in 2000.. he was getting the newer ps2 and sold that to me for 150 bux.. and resident evil: code veronica was the first game i ever completed on it.. wow u were like 6 years old then...
  3. Oh WHAAAAT! I'll take that they are equal but will never accept that Ryu is Stronger! Oh no!, that's a gem of gaming histr'y. Would've been a major system but it was released too soon and no one could keep up with the tech costs...dang. Of cource it's only good for its version of Resident Evil:Code veronica and Soul Blade.
  4. ha, old school?? i still have my dreamcast and sega saturn, had a genesis but i let some kids have it last year(biggest regret) for street fighter,, sure ken may have the moves but ryu is stronger lol
  5. I only have a PS2 and a PSP. I take pride in my olde skoolyness.

    With the right skills, Yajarobi is invincible! As for the Z-fighters I like Yamcha the best. Furthermore, Ryu may be a beast but Ken is still better. Think about it HadoKEN. eh, eh!?
    I never was good with Law, but whenever the computer uses him, he always gets me with those crazy 3 to 4 hit flip attacks...I've no idea what they're actually called.
  6. lol yajarobi seems like he could be difficult against som1 with his skills but against the computer he fights like hes retarded lol... i like any of the z fighters... as for streetfighter give me ryu and im kickin butt all day. when my brother and i have it out im always law and hes always eddie... he probably wins most of the time if not half.... what game system/s do u have and play most often?
  7. Dude I suck monumentally at Street Fighter...however, On my psx emmulator, I played Streetfighter vs. SNK and it was awesome! I love some of the SNK characters!
    As for Tekken I can kick some butt with Steve Fox on IV and up. As for three and back, I usually use Howrong and Tiger(Eddie).
    Lolz, on Tenkaitchi I'm best with Yajarobi.
  8. well ill keep that in mind next time i go to the game store... i play budikai tenkaichi pretty good at that... im mostly into fighting games and adventure fighting games like God of War (favorite),, i think my best ggame is at either Street Fighter or Tekken (any). rare that i find unbeatable challenges at those but
  9. Hmm, DBZ...Final Fantasy...I got it!

    I think you should try Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. It's based before FFVII and it is a very action based game, it's not your average rpg. There are a few fans of the FF series that have beef with this game but I think you'd like it. Which DBZ games do you play? I happen to think Im one of the worlds best on Tenkaitchi three.
  10. yea it was alright... way different than anyother game im used to.. so i kinda put it away and got my dbz game. ur not botherin... anytime,. to a newbie, which FF would u have recommended to start out???
  11. Coolz, sorry to bug, just wanted to know.

    Did you like it? (FFVII)
  12. yea man... i kept hearing about ff and was wondering what was so good about it so i bought ffVII and played for a while about a year ago, kinda looked online for instructions or feedback of any sort when i was bored...i found there are a few ff forums but this was the lucky1 so
  13. Just at a curiosity.

    On your Favorite FF, you said you're new to this. Have you not played any? If that's the case, how'd you find out about TFF?
    Just wondering...
  14. lol.. thats surprising... guess ill finish typing that then
  15. To your biography: Someone read it.
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