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    It is a beta test, that is to be expected. They are still testing things out to see what works and does not work. And they'll need as much data as they can get from the starting since it is where everyone will be in the end and the first impression people have. Though it's a little worrisome if you can get all of that in just a day. People are going to be through all of the content in no time if people level so quickly.
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    Yeah, I sped through the levels pretty quickly.
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    system is clogged or something. -_-;

    Nothing wants to work for me right now.
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    yeah it's done all that... or well. it told me it did lol
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    it won't let me log in...I may try again.I can't sleep. lol
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    I guess the next important question would be, what sort of fantasy, and what kind of time period? Is the city flying because of magic, or nuclear fusion reactors? Races are also an important thing to decide on, are we all humans, or do we have elves, dwarves, and sentient toasters running around too? One of the most important parts of a story, is a solid villain. I'd be more than happy to fill that role, once you have enough background information for me to have an evil plan of some sort.
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    My internet's being super slow, I can't watch the vid :/ I think your thread just got swallowed up, what with the E3 thread etc.

    Tbh I'm not really sure how I feel about the E3 reveals. I'm so behind the times with modern games (lack of money not by choice XD) so the only things that got a reaction out me was FFXV, KH3 and the new MSG. Sadly this means I'm gonna have to get a PS4 if I want to be remotely up to speed lol.

    Hopefully a new ff titles means more new members/activity so there's that to look forward too.
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    Sorry about that, it's kinda hard to tell which posts are in different threads when I'm tired. I'll give it a look.
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    I'm actually on a legend of Zelda kick right now so I want to see some Zelda stuff haha.
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    Just have one, no sense having all of them, they are all the same ones.
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    I just wanted Versus in some form. I didn't care how. I wanted a brand new FF true, but maybe there is a new one. They have the FF Presentation tomorrow, maybe they have something they saved for that. I doubt it, but Versus has to be close to be done, like 2014 since Lightning Returns is 2013. The Lightning Returns team has to move on to something and I think they are closing down the XIII stuff. So FFXVI would only make sense. But yeah, FFXV next to KH3, was the best night. The only thing that could top it would be the FF Presentation tomorrow with the announcement of either a new FF game or Type-0 for NA/EU release.
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    I'm looking forward to Nintendo's conference. Smash bros trailer and Zelda news sound really good right now.
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    Yeah, I'll be moving all of the Versus related threads. And yeah, I'm super hyped about this. I pretty much jumped up out of my seat at work with my arms in the air when I saw it. I knew what it was the moment they labeled Nomura as the Versus producer or whatever.
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    Yeah, I know, but I needed a thread for the news feed. There is a specific format and language I use for the news feeds, which would have meant me completely rewriting yours, which wouldn't be fair to you.
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    don't worry about it, that happens a lot on these forums.
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