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  1. Im just ecstatic its happening man. I am slightly nervous about how things will play out, but when it comes to FF7 , they can hardly fk it up. The characters and story are the strong point for me. I can put up with average battle systems so long as the rest is in tact.

    Btw, good to see you around the forums again!
  2. I admire your positive attitude towards Final Fantasy VII remake, it's refreshing.
  3. I recently purchased the manga for black lagoon, which is upto date with what happened in robertas blood trail, PLUS theres a bunch more stuff now to do with the indian hacker girl. I really hope they continue the anime.
  4. I apologize for late response, I don't have a stable internet connection at this moment. I've seen the original Black Lagoon with English dub, one of finer dubs out there for sure, naturaly, I did the same with Roberta's Blood Trail. And yes, that table scene was rather hot. Did not know that, now after watching Roberta's Blood Trail I'm itching for more Black Lagoon so bad.
  5. That scene with her on the table was so damn hot. I watch it in english dub which has far more agressive language. This anime was meant to be watched in english dub.
    I also love the 'march of the ants' ending theme, suits Roberta imo. Shes vicious and incredibly sexy. Interesting piece of info, Roberta's blood trail was released not that long ago after a long break from the anime series of black lagoon mainly because Rei, the creator of BL put the manga on hiatus, and only recently started writing again after 3 years break. To release an anime so close after the hiatus is intruiging in the sense that there must be such a great demand for it and hopefully we will see more in the future, because the manga is now ahead of Roberta's blood trail and the story of Revi, Rock and the Black Lagoon is far from over.
  6. I finally saw "Roberta's Blood Trail" and I must say it was pretty awesome. Roberta is ****ing insane.
  7. I just purchased a Roberta figure from ebay, in her 'bloodhound' clothes. My new favourite haha, not that I have that many figures anyway.
    Theres a scene (I think episode 3) with Roberta and this commando guy that was like 8/10 on the hot meter.
  8. That would be awesome. I'm all up for more Black Lagoon.

    I was surprised at how much the last episode struck me emotionally, not something many shows managed to do. Now that I'm done with The Office, time to watch Black Lagoon OVA.
  9. This last 5 episodes should have just been included on the 2nd season. I actually think they will make another season one day seeing as to how the manga is picking up now.

    The office! Great series, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed that particular series.
  10. Now that sounds interesting, I should definitely look into it as soon I'm done with The Office, should happen these days.
  11. being able to finally see the full extent of what happened to revi as a young girl was shocking. I just wish they emphasized more on character development throughout the series.
  12. I did not, never got around seeing it even though you are not the first person who who brought it to my attention.
  13. Did you watch the 5 episode OVA's of black lagoon? I am upto those last 5 now, loving it!
  14. Cheers for the bday wishes. Had a good one!
  15. happy birthday, mate, all the best!
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