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  1. Sending some thoughts your way. You're a good people. <3
  2. nonononono <3333 plzzz

    its just in the reports section noone follows up anymore

  3. I do check the reports... </3
  4. Well, quit being so kingly then!
  5. You know its actually kinda creepy you called me the king in the north, because thats the second time ive been called that today :|

  6. Not to sure, tbh. I don't think there's so much focus on it anymore as half the adopters now lurk or left. It was a lot of work. Besides, half the new people have stick around an seem okay making friends anyway. Maybe it's time to think up something new to try out. ^^

    I don't know what happened to Victoria. We haven't spoke in about a year and a half.
  7. do we even still adopt here, at TFF? What happened to your friend Victoria? She came back for a little while and then dissapeared again.
  8. I dooo remember.
  9. I was your adoptive son that ran away. Remember?
  10. Just curious, shouldn't it be "warning free for over 3 years" by now?
  11. I already have one, and it helps a little bit. I just need a bigger one haha.
  12. If you're not in the budget for a new laptop, perhaps you might invest in a USB powered multi-fan device that rests underneath your laptop. It will not only provide better ventilation of your current fans, but will provide additional cooling.
  13. Everything makes my laptop overheat. ._.
  14. terraria makes your laptop overheat?
  15. totally agree. And whats more, is they have no way of knowing fate exists nor a reason to believe that it is important in any way or relevant to ANY situation. Pointing out that "oh thats fate" is probably one of the most meaningless statements one could conjure.
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