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  1. Glad to hear you're still keeping up with your music. I tried, but I guess i dont have the heart to really commit myself to it anymore. Now its just a personal hobby whenever I find a moment to myself. Im studying psychological science in the hopes to work as a clinical psychologist. Lots of years of study ahead of me yet, wishing I had of started when i was younger
  2. Glad it all turned out well for you I'd say you're stronger from it,.. thats fantastic what you studying?
    It's going good, working as tutor with kids and play in few bands most weekends too cant complain
  3. well some news, fiance' ended up cheating on me, was forced to sell the house we were building together and go through lawyers which was tough. But ive come out the other side with a beautiful new woman in my life, im studying at uni and im looking to purchase a house of my own, all on my own. That pretty much sums up the last 2 years.

    How about you man? Hows music going?
  4. Good to hear , yes haha its been years came on for nose on a whim had forgotten all about it, I'm not using facebook or anything like that anymore any news? playing any games lately, still playing music?
  5. Sean my friend, how have you been? Life has been up and down but its becoming stable now. Havnt seen you round these parts for a looooooonggg time
  6. Hi Rowan hows life?
  7. only one of them I can relate to is spyro, havent played the rest,

    yea that recording should be online in the next few weeks, I'l link you when its up,

    good luck with the house it'l be a great achievement
  8. Love the ps1 classics. You playing any of these; porsche challenge, rapid racer, spiro, silent bomber, r type delta, tai-fi or gex? They were my favourites as a kid. Thats awesome you only have a few months left, I bet its gonna pay off big time for you. I saw a post of yours on FB a while ago that you are in a band, do you have any tracks uploaded that I could have a listen too?
    Im saving to buy a house,I know its a long investment but its the one that makes most sense to me.
  9. snes, n64 and playstation

    cool, good man, i havent done much since xmas, hard to with the whole college bullshit but im gonna start up the boxing again in may hopefully
    college is ok, only a couple months left, then im finished for good, my majors are music technology and composition
    im still with the woman yep
    where you gonna move to? buy a house you mean?
  10. What kind of games man?
    Im still going to gym, progress is coming along slowly, but progress is progress. Im saving for a place so I can move out soon.
    Hows college going? Still with the girlfriend?
  11. yea good cheers, busy with college, been quite occupied with retro gaming the past 6 moths or so too,

    any news with yourself?
  12. Welcome back B man.
    Hows things?
  13. yo
  14. yea its class, bryan cranston is amazing in it

    no my gf has the season recorded on her sky box, so instead of watchin it online by myself i wait til im at hers
    have season1+2 on dvd though!
  15. Yeah I am upto date with Breaking Bad. Final season airs august I believe. Its a great show, I havn't known anyone to dislike it.
    You are watching GoT as it airs? Should just D/L like the rest of us then purchase the dvd when it comes out so you dont feel bad, hahah.
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