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  1. I was thinking about it, from looking at the trophies required and having done that grind before, i know whats in store. Alot of time to swallow again
  2. well i dont have it on steam so you've 1 uped me there haha.

    Go for platinum!
  3. So i went and splashed out on FF7 on the PSN, there ya happy?? I have the original copy, steam and PSN
  4. At the gunfight at the end i Was expecting gambon to go "AVADARKADAVAR!"

  5. Yeah its great, the tension just keeps escalating, and westerns aren't for everybody. I love the O'Irish accent in it, Michael Gambon does it great, most Oirish accents make me cringe. The only movies/shows to do it right that i can recall are open range and dead wood.
  6. guess what I watched the other day? Tried to get my fiance' to watch it but she thought it was boring. Sometimes westerns can seem that way, but open range seriously has one of the best gunfights I've seen in a western. But even the build up to all that action, I dont know how anyone could say its boring!
  7. Yer i bought it on steam recently, mainly just to have, i cant bring myself to play it, id love a remake myself at this stage, or a 3DS conversion, i could play it on a handheld as the graphics would suit.

    And ya cant beat nostalgia hah, i watched Sniper recently with Tom Berenger, horrible yet enjoyable movie, takes me back
  8. I only saw miami vice once as well, I have it though so I might watch it again soon. But i've been in the mood to watch old movies lately, gives me that sweet nostalgia fix. Sadly, I cant keep playing ff7 to get that fix, because theres really only so many times I can play it now since i've finished it at LEAST 30 times. Thats why I want a remake so desperately.
  9. Nice!! I'm building up to it myself, i might watch deadwood again soon with a mate, he hasnt seen it, that'll get me in my western mood. Ive only seen open range the once and loved it, i remember Costners revolvers seemed giant like, its actually weird that i havent watched it more than once, as its prob my fav..

    I'm currently watching all of Michael Manns movies i missed out on, watched Miami vice the other night, which looked amazing but was meh, and just have to watch Ali and the insider and im done..Well there his stuff before manhunter also, but i really have to be in the mood to watch old flicks, i prob will watch them..
  10. gonna watch open range soon =D
  11. Aye i know alot of people who just never wanted to take the leap, they are major time sinks

    But they can be fun, Warcraft has tons of lore and i love the world, i am so bored with it though, i wish there was something different/new to sink my teeth into

    I should just go back to fps tbh
  12. haha yeah its alright. Just posted a thread about it actually. I never actually played WoW, but I was always a massive fan of warcraft III which lead me to dota. The only MMO I play is FF14, and even that took me some convincing because I hate the idea of p2p.
  13. Thats sounds pretty crazy... Is it good?

    My friend convinced me to resub wow, i hate myself...
  14. just been playing some RPG's on vita. Crazy japanese games. Ever heard of Akiba's trip? you run around a virtually recreated Akibahara and fight vampires disguised as people by stripping their clothes off and bashing them with laptops.
  15. Yeah yeah yeah me boyo, whats goin down?
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