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  1. Hey bud hope you're doing well
  2. The second season of Vikings finished only just finished about a month ago, but theres at 19 episodes for you at least. 9 in the first season, 10 in the second. Also note that while the story is an embelished drama, they are based upon real events, which is why its aired on the history channel. You should enjoy, me and my parents really did and they are fans of GoT too!
  3. Oh cool thanks for that. I'm in to anything medievil, especially if it has to do with England or Europe. All we got taught about in school was the Treaty of Waitangi or ANZAC Day. But yeah seeing as GoT is finishing in two weeks and the Breaking Bad marathon finished a while ago I'll need something new to watch haha.
  4. He's actually Jarl Borg from the show Vikings that aired over the History channel. Fantastic show about the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok, who was a legendary viking warlord and its about his rise to glory and the events that lead upto the great viking war against england. I highly reccomend it.
  5. Is the guy in your avatar from GoT? He looks a bit like Tormund the wildling but the beard's not quite as glorious.
  6. there will be a thread not too far in that will be titled "banner/sigs" or something similar to this, Im not sure if there is a generic one, but if you post there asking for one , one of the members will get back to you with your own banner. I think halie came up with the design.
  7. Hey, how do I put it in my sig like everyone else? That's what made me take notice in the first place.
  8. Go nuts, sir!
  9. Thanks for the invite Can't wait to jump and post lol
  10. heh, no worries. Its nice to know im ticklin someones funny bone every now and then!
  11. Hey Rowan. Your posts have been making me laugh the past couple of days, but I haven't been able to rep+ them which is frigging annoying. Peace out, keep it real, etc.
  12. I'm also looking forward to firing up the barbie when we get some good weather. Theres something so magnificent about beers and meat in the company of friends. Something indescribable. Its been cold and miserable for far too long.
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