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  1. I always wanted to travel though time. Thanks, man!
  2. When I repped you before, it added another green bar for you.

    you now travel time with chrono!
  3. "If congress is doing everything in their power to keep him away from office, then he is certainly a worth candidate" I love this haha.
    I was trolling a little in that thread, but man, I wasn't lying when I said I wanted him to win. Noones perfect, but some of what I stated I believe in. I dont think he is reading what someone else has written for him. He genuinly gives a shit, he's not trying to appease the masses and says what he thinks. He is not a puppet. He knows buisiness and is the only qualified candidate running.

    I hope he gets in power, at the very least, has a chance to prove himself on this level and learn as he goes what is required from a world leader. If Ronald Raegan can get in, fkn Donald Trump can most certainly. Thats my new picket.

    -If Ronald, why not Donald?-
  4. I think you might be right about Trump. The guy is kind of a dick, but he's a great businessman. I read that he knows most of his employees on a personal level, and if not, then he at least knows them by name, which proves that he's very dedicated to what he does.

    What really changed my mind about him is that congress is doing everything in their power to keep him away from office, and if congress disapproves of him, then he has to be a better option than an ordinary politician. If there's one thing I don't trust as an American citizen, it's congress.
  5. If you ever eat bananas, be careful not to let it fall into a glass of water.
  6. We should nominate him for every award, to make him as upset as possible.
  7. If it recall, it had some intriguing discussions. Perhaps it was all bullshit, but it was intriguing bullshit.
  8. Yeah. It was all bullshit anyway lol
  9. Oh yeah! I remember that now. Didn't you close that group down?
  10. hah nah, that group i made ages ago
  11. The movie?
  12. Do you remember Prestige?
  13. Yeah, he was pretty cool. Even I got bored of that. I had to transfer the group over to Rhaps eventually, because I was so bored with it that I was going to delete it. I'm glad Rhaps decided to take it off my hands. Reading back on that stuff is entertaining.
  14. Yeah that was really fun. But most of the members who were active have left the forums, and they were the ones that also contributed the most too it. Remember laquer head? He was alright.
  15. I was just reading over some old stuff, and do you know what I miss? The GDEAA. We have a lot of creative, imaginative, and funny stuff written down there. It's a shame all of us ran out of ridiculous things to talk about.
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