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    Hey bud hope you're doing well
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    Sending some thoughts your way. You're a good people. <3
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    I always wanted to travel though time. Thanks, man!
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    I was thinking about it, from looking at the trophies required and having done that grind before, i know whats in store. Alot of time to swallow again
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    So i went and splashed out on FF7 on the PSN, there ya happy?? I have the original copy, steam and PSN
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    I think you might be right about Trump. The guy is kind of a dick, but he's a great businessman. I read that he knows most of his employees on a personal level, and if not, then he at least knows them by name, which proves that he's very dedicated to what he does.

    What really changed my mind about him is that congress is doing everything in their power to keep him away from office, and if congress disapproves of him, then he has to be a better option than an ordinary politician. If there's one thing I don't trust as an American citizen, it's congress.
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    I admire your positive attitude towards Final Fantasy VII remake, it's refreshing.
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    As long as knifey-spooney isn't a real thing
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    I'm mad at myself for being a prick to you back in the day. You're good people, and I'd like to have a beer with you one day
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    I made an edit to my reply that could give you hope is the theory is true. Give it some thought. If true, it would actually be amazing news.
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    Jump Festa is a chance, that is in a week or two and Square attends that regularly. Probably no new trailer, but they might be willing to talk. And I have no doubt that the internet reaction to this will make them want to have a response to explain themselves. Because it is a very weird development decision. But making games is hard and time consuming.
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    That was what else I considered. It's a multi-disc game. So a three part RPG. It's weird. But it does mean getting into eager hands sooner. Unless it's going to be a thing of release over like 6 months, then that's not really going to change an early release.
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    Yeah, I went and looked into it. Came from a press release by SE themselves. So it's real and real strange. People are going to hang on the multi-series part, but I'm more curious about their unique experience in each part. That could mean a lot of different things. Never seen a RPG made episodic. But it is admittedly a big game, this might be their way of getting new fans that have shorter attention spans on games that like the 10 hours, not the 60 hour games in and willing to buy in. Could be a good thing. Doesn't make it any less weird though.
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    Oh nice. I should have stuck with the creatine when I was working out hardcore. Now I just have zero carb protein powder

    Right now, I'm in a weird phase where I'm well aware of the fact that I'm doing things ass backwards. I'm trying to cut weight and gain strength at the same time. I started going to the gym or just lifting at my house with regularity again, and it's already showing some results. I really started about 3 weeks ago and have lost 10lbs/ 4.5 kg. Looking to lose another 25- 30lb/ 11-13kg. At this point, I can lose weight solely by lifting and watching calories. At some point, I'll add more cardio. I have a fitbit and usually get 10k steps while at work.

    My body type is pretty much one where you get exactly what you put into it. If I eat garbage and sit on my ass all day, I'll get fat. If I lift and eat well, I get toned.

    The biggest thing to watch out with while on creatine is water intake. Drink lots of it, and if you're already drinking a lot, drink more. It can ruin your kidneys if you're not drinking at least 4 liters of water a day. Also, I'm not sure if it's available in Australia, but look up Monster Milk, by the people who make Muscle Milk. That was an all in one, with tons of protein and creatine. It was also delicious
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    I did, but I was never really at a point where I should have. My diet was poor and/or my workout habits were few and far between when I'd use them. I tried to use them as a motivation or impetus to getting off my ass, when mild depression kept me lazy.

    At one point I was big on creatine, and saw decent gains, but at that time, I was working in a warehouse and was getting paid to work out by moving boxes for hours at a time.

    Tl;dr yes but I never gave myself the consistency to notice a difference. I don't remember them being much different than a low carb monster or much else than an energy jolt. I do remember neon yelow piss though
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If I'm going to be honest...

by Rowan on 02-08-2017 at 04:43 PM
I really dont feel comfortable where I am. I know that things are definitely better than what they were, Im about to reap the rewards of a great financial investment coming to fruitition within the next 2 months, I have achieved a couple of goals including losing weight and getting into shape, currently at 76kg from 90kg, I also started fighting which is teaching me a lot about myself in terms of facing fears, most of which stems from ones self as opposed to others, which I found interesting. But

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by Rowan on 09-21-2016 at 04:56 AM

Just reading my most recent blog post from over a year ago. I really was a different person when I was with her.
I dont know who I am anymore, but I know what im not.

I've got a lot to prove to myself.
See you soon my family at TFF,


Updated 09-21-2016 at 05:09 AM by Rowan


She said Yes!

by Rowan on 01-04-2015 at 11:20 PM
I am proud to let you all know that me and my girlfriend of 5 years are now engaged. I've been really busy with family and stuff since this, In fact I'm still currently pretty busy. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'll be back posting soon! Talk to you all soon! Hope you've all had a safe and relaxing break!

Fitness blog #6

by Rowan on 12-04-2014 at 05:06 PM
Been a while since I posted one of these. In my last blog I talked about starting training again after a fairly long break. What I didn't tell you was that I reached 90kg's during this time. I was ashamed of myself on so many different levels. One reason being that I neglected my body/health, the other was that I had never been as heavy as 90kgs in my life. This was the fuel that not only made me train harder, but train smarter.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have lost 6.5kgs. I now weigh

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Fitness blog #5

by Rowan on 10-30-2014 at 07:12 PM
So its been a while. Had a nice break from the gym (about 4 months). Now that Im starting again I need to focus on my cardio this time over weight training. I have set a goal that I must reach, faster than the previous time. I have ran 3 times so far and here are my results;

2kms - 21m30s
2.7kms - 20m30s
3kms - 19m34s

I would like to reach 5, but I dont think that will be possible until I first get faster at running 3km's. My ultimate goal is to

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