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  1. I'm good man. Insanely busy but good. Bought a house recently and getting married in June.

    How the hell have you been?
  2. oh shit, thank you dude!!!! its been too long lol

  3. Happy birthday brother!
  4. Christ, we're ancient, both in tff and real life terms. I remember joining this place a kissless virgin and now I'm looking to propose in the next few months, which blows my mind.If you come to NY, I'll get Tiff to come out as well, and you won't pay for a drink all night. Sadly I never met any of the other local TFF people, except for Ally when she was in town.
  5. Thank you sir!!!

    was a quiet day but I can't top having a day off to do whatever I want in the morning/afternoon hours.

    I hope things are going splendid with you and your family! Maybe one of these years I'll have to come out and visit the east coast so we can get some beers or something haha. I've never EVER been to NYC, and I haven't been out in the east side of the country since I was 10-11 years old, way back when my immediate family went to visit my aunt and cousin that live near D.C.

    Fuck man we're getting old! ha
  6. Happy birthday brother!
  7. Thank you my friend!

    It was indeed a good one. How the hell have you been?
  8. Happy belated birthday sir!

    Hope you had a nice one. Take care of yourself!
  9. That doesn't sound too bad, except for the whole winter thing.

    The family's been good man. My brother might be venturing out to Indiana for work, and other than that, everything's been more or less the same. Kinda nice not going to funerals all the time haha.
  10. you know, it ain't too bad over here! No big complaints, other than this shitty midwest winter thats about to roll down, but I'm used to it by now.

    between working my jobs, working out, some videogames at the night, and the occasional trips to see old friends, life has been keeping me pretty busy, but happy. how goes the family?
  11. I've been good man. Just doing my thing and all that. Hows everything on your end man?
  12. friend, it has been way too long, and it feels wierd to not check here on a daily basis... otherwise i would of responded a lot sooner ^^;

    how are you doing with everything these days? its been far too long
  13. Sir
  14. Thank you good sir! I kept it pretty low key. I just chilled with the fam and did the whole cake thing. This weekend should be good though!

    And yeah, I forgot how much I loved that pic
  15. Happy belated day of birth Peter! How was it for you? Do anything fun?

    and lmao, I forgot about the Somalian Pirates party that you were talking about, that picture is priceless!
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