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    Oh im sorry i didn't respond, yes it worked perfectly fine, but i can't see you being online on Steam, keep in mind that if you want to communicate with me, it needs to be Online, up and going for to work, i am usually on non-stop hours so it is really hard to miss me out, but finding you online is the real hard deal, perhaps it is better for you to check on whenever im Online and you need to talk?

    Probably a better approach to it all, since it's hard to miss me.
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    Greetings Ralz, it has been dead for alittle while now so i decided to peak in and see what was up... So what's cooking doc?
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    Greetings again, yeah i suspected that you were spending christmas time, but then again so were i, it had been pretty good, got a comic book and some candy for present, it's not much but it's the thought that counts right, i'll see you after new year as well, and i hope it will be good for you.

    My Regards, Elyon~
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    I guess that's valid, doesnt tell me awfully much but i think i get your idea, well... honestly, just go with what you think feels right.

    How's progress and life going by the way?
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    Good lord, my dreams have being twisted lately, the last dream i had was in a form of super creepy pasta which was something about this game, i can get in detail if you're interested, but my computer treats this site as some threatening virus or something, which it isnt, but hey.

    God i haven't being able to sleep for awhile after that dream... I am legitimately terrified, but it's also inspirational to say the least, as i want to implement this in the sequel of the game... Yes... the sequels version of the Northern Shrine, an alternate "Worst Ending"... That's right, there'll be not one but TWO different "Worst Endings" in the sequel, one standard and one super creepy pasta alike.

    ...So... what's up?
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    Just a fun question, was this installment any differently from the last one you lost?
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    Don't mention bout it, i've had those days too, but i've also have that feeling i wanna do something certain, and invite someone to it, and they're not interested for several days straight... And then im pretty much left alone doing no-good. And yes it gets tedious waiting for updates, especially for those games one might play, like... the latest update in the game i play took like over 1 month and 2 weeks to actually come, and the game does kinda update pretty often by standards... Not this time.

    Ah yes i see, it was named; "The Scathed Ones" before, but if you wanna change, it's completely fine, it's done already by the way.

    So what else have happened?
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    PS: From the last message i gave you, i forgot one Theme to Update, which is the first part of Abyssus Nihil, the one you suggested. I forgot to update that one, but letting you know we will be using that theme you did suggest, better this now, so it won't become any inconveniences later.

    I think we're getting really close here, it's really exciting to see how i can put everything together in the end, i can assure that i am very rusty, so it'll be hard to do stuff in the very beginnings when im just going to start everything, i've not even completed looking for Scripts and rescources, but i've gathered what i could some months ago, so i'll see what they're about and what i can do with it.

    We'll also need to finish the Movelist and Item List, as well as the NPC Chatlog, then we can get everything complete.

    Although, certain stuff takes priority at first, but once all recourses are gathered, i can start making small Demo's based on the documents and progress further every little bit now and then. Regardless, i haven't heard off you in a while, so i'd figure i drop in to say "hi" atleast. ^^
  9. Dude, what you been up to? We need to start communicating more often like the good old days of TFF.
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    Latorz reply, hope you get better, really have no reviews for last update, its good.
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    Well, yeah, its just fine-tuning though, it had to be done.

    Yes, it's recent, but still, it's awesome looking, and the music is darn nice.

    Maybe... But once its in play, together with a Great Boss, maybe you'll change your mind, things like that happens.
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    Well, i was thinking abit lately, and it's about changing the Theme for the; "A Serious Threat" with a new one, the reason why, is because i do listen to it, but... I can't make that much sense into the Theme, to fit for the more Major Boss Battles, an example would be the Requiem Temple Guardian i think, who's probably tougher than regular bosses, and that you face it twice in the game, should you remain going this Route, so, i figured when i pondered about this, and i came to realize.

    Oh wait, there's this game i saw on PSN Store, and on Youtube, and i figured, it had a pretty awesome Boss Battle Theme, so i've kind of "borrowed" it, but... Haha, i didn't want to listen to the other Tracks, because that'd be some Major Spoilers for me, as i might plan, on getting this game myself, as it looks very interesting, just saying, how do you like this Theme, to replace; "A Serious Threat"?

    A Serious Threat.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here

    EDIT: While most of the Tracks have being decided, it doesn't hurt to fine-tune the progress alittle, especially since it'll add some new flakes to the game.
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    I now, came to think of the thing i forgot to mention in my PM, but... It was just a thing i've seen in my dreams recently, in this dream; When Elyon comes to Chaosthroph for the first time, it isn't barren, but in... well... obviously Chaos, stuff and shit everywhere, some of the citizens recognizes him, because Elyon is alot like Demidias (Elyon's father) in looks, except Demidias is purple haired, but follows the trenchcoat role, like Elyon, except he's got his own style for it, just tossing what's come into mind... Anyway...

    Elyon is kind of like... the only heir of taking over his father's sword, and learning it's hidden, terrible secrets... The sword is cursed, but grants immeasurable power to anyone who can master it, it's like... a Trial... Elyon has to take over, and survive the blades desire... Also to test, he's worthy of having it, it's also the time, Elyon recieves the God Killer Overlimit, should he finish the Trial.

    I don't know, it also was something that Elyon was known for another name in the Demon Realm of Chaosthroph, it whispers in my ears that it was something, but i can't remember what it was again... Regardless, im just pointing out what's being dreaming lately, and all of this, is naturally something that probably isn't going to be made reality, but hey, im just mentioning, because... you might just make something out of this, in the future documents.
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    So, how's it progressing so far?

    Just asking, since im bored as hell, and im desperate for a chat.
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    So, did what i could, if you're not happy with it, you'll have to take over for this matter, i've busted up everything i know about.
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