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  1. Yeah I know
  2. Each to their own
  3. Ooops sorry for the late response I liked Ho-oh better than Lugia
  4. I'm getting Soul Silver.
  5. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tooo I am going to get heart gold
  6. I'm more so looking forward to Pokemon. Ahaha. As lame as that may be.
  7. I am glad to hear that I can't wai until it comes out
  8. Yeah. I've seen that. I might get it =]
  9. I think its a good series they have a new one comming out soon I am going to get that one
  10. I've looked into the series as a whole but I've never had the chance to play any.
  11. Ever PLay it before???
  12. I see
  13. Golden sun 2 the lost age
  14. I see. What are you playing at the moment? I am playing Heavy Rain =]
  15. I have alot of interests and well RPGs are one of em I also like live action games I think they are challenging
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