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  1. Oh wow, that would be nice! Thanks!

    We used to use jars a lot, but there's just so much sugar and fat in them, and usually made me feel ill after eating. The sauce I made was definitely better, but it can always use improvements!
  2. If you're interested, I can send you my mom's meatball and and pasta sauce recipe. We don't believe in sauce from a jar, but it's multiple cans of pureed and crushed tomatoes. The meatball recipe is separate from the sauce, so the sauce would be good for your mom. All you'd do is add the pasta of your choice.
  3. Hello, inquisitor.
  4. Is more Dishonored, I'm sorry to say. I'm waiting on a price drop for Thief on the PS4. For now, I have far too much to get through!

    Now I really want to play Skyrim. Been thinking it for days, but with seeing the ESO Imperial Editions at work, and now with you mentioning it, it needs to be played.
  5. Yeah, I actually beat it the other day and I wish the rest of the game could have been a little more fast paced like the last third. Everything from the Homeless scene and Navajo chapters were great, but I understand that they had to build the story and the connection between Jodie and Aiden. I just wish they could have done a little more to make the boring parts that dragged out either a little shorter or a little more interactive.

    I'm not sure what I liked more, the Homeless, Navajo or Failed Mission scenes, because while they were all long, they were a perfect blend of action and just great storytelling.

    Other than that, I was pretty meh about it. Hopefully Thief is better, but it looks like a Skyrim/ Dishonored hybrid. If it's more Skyrim, awesome. If it's more Dishonored, eh.
  6. In actually really enjoyed it, but mostly because I'm a huge Ellen Page fan, I love Quantic Dream for making these awesome interactive movies.

    It has a few slow parts, and if you go for the platinum like I did, it gets HELLOVA borig real fast. I'd say it was worth at least one play through, and if you're happy to play trough from the Homeless chapter to see a few other endings or scenarios, then why not? Things spice up a little at the end, which makes me wish more of the game had twists and turns.

    But yeah. I only really liked it because of Ellen Page (Heavy Rain is indeed better though). ^^;
  7. I know you liked heavy rain, but what did you think of beyond: two souls, if you've played it? Right now I'm very underwhelmed with it.
  8. Oh yeah, I declined her as well, telling her that it was so she wouldn't get sick, but it was really so I could go after Miranda without too much drama. Ideally I would have liked to keep things going with Ashley, because I wound up with her in 1, but who knows.

    I'm kind of interested to see if my love triangle will come to a head in ME3, but I'm also trying to avoid any and all spoilers, even characters who may or may not appear. I want my mind to be blown.
  9. Tali pretty much "offered" herself to me. I declined with the neutral option as doing an alien that could sprout infection as soon as I touch her isn't really my ting lol. She's still friendly though, so I think I'll be fine.

    I've been avoiding ME3 news and guides like the plague. I can guess how some things will carry over and stuff, but I dun wanna spoil a game I spent 60... and everyone is intent on trying to spoil it for me lol.
  10. All I can say is tread very lightly. I suggest getting Tali as loyal as possible first, then go for Legion. The fallout is a lot easier to navigate. I'm so anxious to see how everything falls into place in 3, but unfortunately it'll be on my shelf until I finish Skyrim... I'm going for the gusto with that one though
  11. It's been a long time coming, but I finally have Miranda's loyalty back! Turned out I needed to be at about 95% Paragon to be able to convince her, which is bloody ridiculous that early in the game. I have just that Reaper guy to get, and hope I don't fudge up with him and Tali.
  12. I agree, but you know how that'd go. People would find ways to start fights over who's more needy. I'd say that giving aid to natural disasters should be a global effort, and not reliant on a handful of countries. As for things like wars, it's tricky because you don't want to let another Hitler type figure sneak up from under everyones nose, but you also want to see other countries actually fight their own battles for a change.
  13. It's a losing battle, no matter what you do. Really, there should be guidelines in place so that it can be determined who really needs help/who's more desperate for aid. No one can fight everyone's war, or help everyone's disaster - to try would make you more enemies, and put you in debt. ^^;
  14. It's ridiculous that the superpowers really can't win. If you help country A, then countries B-Z will complain that you didn't help them. If you don't help them, then everyone will complain that you never help anyone and are selfish.
  15. Oh, and it was reeeeally that funny. You could see everyone crying with laughter. A joke is only a joke when everyone is laughing. >>

    ...And who made a stink over it? Perleaze. Bigger smells come from you and your bros, and you know it.
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