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  1. Hah i thought Final fantasy games were ps4 exclusives O_O

    Enjoy the skyrim bro! great game. I'm currently unsure what to get stuck into next, im getting the last guardian as a present, which will be nice. Until then im juggling between dark souls 3 and bloodborne, i cant get enough of them

    I'm thinking ill give watch dogs 2 a go, but im reluctant to buy anymore ubisoft games, burned so many times
  2. Ah man, I have xbox one, but I'll definitely let you know what I think. I'm still way more excited about finishing nuka world in fallout 4 and replaying Skyrim remastered
  3. Cool, let me know how it turns out for you, also just to note, its rumoured to be the last sale item in the PSN sales going on at the moment, so you might be able to pick it up cheap-ish..
  4. I have incredibly low expectations for this game, but after reading a few generic reviews and seeing the commercials, it definitely got me interested.

    Your review, being from a legit fan and not just some article holds a lot more weight.

    I'm still cautiously optimistic though and I'm gonna try to keep a very very open mind
  5. Sorry for ruining your Christmas bro, i really wanted this game to respark my interest in the series also. The game is enjoyable for a decent chunk of the game, that enjoyment will last depending on how quick/slow your enjoyment for the side quests last. Once you get up to a certain chapter in the games main story, you're locked in and cant go back to do side quests again until you finish the game, and from that point is when the game goes stale very fast for me
  6. Thanks buddy! And I love my floaties, they saved me from many a drowning... in beer
  7. Hey buddy, happy birthday! nice armbands lookin good!

  8. Unknown Entity and Mistress Victoria lol
  9. Aye i read that but, I don't know the names of the people your talking about
  10. it's all in the boogeymen thread in cpc8
  11. The best way to describe it is "Seinfeld" on crack. Check it out on hulu
  12. I dont, dont watch much TV. Whats it about?

    I tend to just download TV shows, as they are released in the states well before Ireland see them
  13. You don't watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
  14. Your avatar scares me
  15. Happy Bday you ol craziac

    Get wrecked!
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