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    And again, not once have I disagreed with anything you've said other than your misinformed opinion that I don't care. Perhaps I wouldn't view it as a personal attack if you'd speak to me like an adult. The things you don't see are the connections I've made with the Square Enix community management team, the effort I've poured into advertising, the personal funds I've spent on business cards to pass around at conventions and expos, and the effort I've made to "speak the word" of TFF. I want to respect you because most of your points are valid, but the more your points come across as a tantrum, the less I want to appease you.

    I know this place is slow. I know it's on the life-support path to dying. AND I'm aware that I don't post here nearly often enough. But I am making more of an effort than people are able to see, and it really ****ing sucks that you're sitting on the other side of the screen accusing me of indifference.

    Now, we can continue this conversation in a civilized manner. I am interested in your opinions and suggestions, and I mean that genuinely. In the meantime, I have a business I need to go run, because it's a Saturday and I really shouldn't be on my phone messing with any of this stuff at the moment. I've only bothered with this at all because I feel it's important.
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    So the owner and other two administrators aren't at fault at all? This reeks of personal attack. Stop telling me that I don't care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlawTorn
    My super hero name would be Michael J. Saulnier. I'd ask you what yours would be, but you'd still be a sad, self-loathing and insecure troll on a dying video game forum who spends his time arguing with a better troll, being ruthlessly humiliated, saying stupid, immature and arrogant shit like, "If I need a walkthrough, the game is too stupid to play."

    You're an ode to humanity, my friend.
    This is the private message you sent me. I don't have a reply. I just figured I'd share your comment on a public forum so that everybody can see how much of a loser you are. If you don't know when somebody is making a joke as opposed to being serious, you're an idiot. Have a nice day.
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    I added you on PSN, hope to see you around!
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    Hey im upto the part where im in nocturne prison. Its reminding me to much of FF7 where you have to race the chocobo to get granted your freedom, but with this its some crazy tekken style fighting with gears. Its pretty awesome so far! I'm very curious about whats happening to fei in the gear. Is he transforming into the fatima jasper??
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    Its very neon-genesis evangelion-esk at the moment. I love it so far , haha. Ill keep you posted on my progress
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    Hey there
    Im currently on the ydrassil ship trying to be convinced by barts to pilot the gear. So far the gist Im getting is that there is a war going on between 2 parties (I forget the names, help me remember) and the bad guys are trying to aquire land for excavation of gears in search of an ancient powerful gear and the good guys dont want that to happen. So they warr'd it out, bad guys were actually losing, but then out of nowhere a third party came to assist the bad guys and now the bad guys have an overwhelming power and have been causing havoc over the lands. Right now, Fei and the Doc are with barts and crew after escaping the desert baddies and are about to come up with a plan not only to fight back, but to put barts back into power as the rightful ruler.

    Hows that?
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    I started xenogears the other night and im loving it so far. I was just wondering, is there any tips you could give me that you wish you had of known on your first playthrough?
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    Hey im gonna get saga frontier also. Stay active around here, I may ask you for some help on xenogears at some point, perhaps.

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    I agree it does. But I haven't done any RPing in years. Most of the active people we had interested lost interest in it. And I moved on to writing my own stories so that I could keep writing.
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    I have RP'd in the past. However, it seems that everything I join drops off the Earth. Ever since then, I have been really selective about what I join. If you were to make one, I would consider joining.
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    April 16th is the best day of life. Proven Fact.
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    Man I've been here for ages. The people here are pretty sweet too. I've no intention on bailing from either site thanks for the advice though.
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    My name is Michael Swayne, and let me be one of the first people to welcome you to TFF. I am a member of the Social Group called Flock of Noobies. We are a group focused on new members. Our group is always looking for new members, and was wondering if you would like to join. I will be sending you an invite, but you can also click on "Community" at the top of the page, then click on "Social Groups", and look for us there. Hope to see you there!

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    What's the deal you got banned from rpa??
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