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  1. When I wrote my Final Fantasy series, it was dedicated to the fans, and their messages and outpour of support and thanks has changed my life, ma'am. It has been more rewarding than any self gratification I have ever felt. I can't begin to tell you what that feels like.
  2. I've had plenty of experiences using a similar style to mine. This isn't a singular style I've invented, I actually learned it from a great group of writers on another community.

    And I've never considered stucture and spontaneity to be mutually exclusive, nor structure to be anything less than entertaining.

    I've been in many projects in which we worked together to establish a base-line in terms of plot, to keep it at %100 as a standard, but it was loose enough that you didn't know how things were going to happen. Writers chose the specifics thenselves, so there was TONS of spontaneity and reactive play.

    But you're inthat it's a difference of style choice. Almost everyone started freeform (I put 3 of my 10 years in) and some of us decide to stay.

    There's nothing wrong or inferior here.
  3. RP is a form of entertainment for me. And part of those looking to be entertained are those participating. We aren't RPing for others not in the RP to be entertained as the primary reason we're doing it. We're RPing to entertain each other and be entertained by what we do. If outsiders are reading our RP, then they're welcome. But our primary goal was to entertain each other. Reactive play was more entertaining for people here and it is the style bred.

    It's just a difference of personal preference.
  4. I'm a writer. The reactions are for my reader, not me.

    But being a writer, I still cry, laugh, and feel every moment, even when it's all been planned out...
  5. Yeah, I'm fine. I wasn't offended or anything.
  6. I mean no hostility, btw.

    Support the local RP scene and have some fun at the same time. (Might also find a small part of this RP was inspired by your handle, and your talent with the written word. Could REALLY use you here )
  8. I agree it does. But I haven't done any RPing in years. Most of the active people we had interested lost interest in it. And I moved on to writing my own stories so that I could keep writing.
  9. This site needs an active roleplay. =p
    Do you RP?
  10. This site needs an active roleplay. =p
    Do you RP?
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