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  1. Hey hey! I just remembered this forum so I'm back and going to try to be more active!

    I have a video game journal thread where I post up general info on games I've finished playing and it's something I enjoy. Would it be okay to have that kind of thread here? Which section would it go in?
  2. It's okay, the same holds true for me!
  3. Sorry I've been super busy but things should settle down next month and I can give you some more articles!
  4. Haven't forgotten about my article, don't worry, just got slowed down with life stuff
  5. Okay

    I am on day 2 of only meat and I am hungry
  6. Well, if you really go through the steps in this, you probably won't even want the stuff after a while. In any case, I'd give it a solid month before you start to incorporate grain/starch carbohydrates back into your diet, and definitely do so sparingly when you do.
  7. So when can I start eating pastas and stuff again? I'd imagine I wouldn't be all of the time, but at least sometimes?
  8. Honestly, I'm happy already. I just wanted to avoid buying a new wardrobe again. Now I can go backwards into old wardrobes!
  9. I'm glad its worked out for you! I was thinking that you didn't really look like you needed to lose weight, but as long as you get to where you're happy, that's what matters.

    I have les stuff written down and I will start Monday because I have a weekend trip planned and darn if I'm not going to enjoy it!
  10. Yeah, I get where you're coming from. It was when I saw all of the cosplay photos from A-Kon this year and realized that shaving my beard for "Sheriff" Gordon displayed a double chin that was a lot more robust than I thought it was. I'm hardly "fat" by most peoples' standards, and I definitely don't have issues with my image, but I wanted to make a change and I've never genuinely considered dieting before. So far, it's been doing nice things. I wore a medium polo to work today. I haven't worn a medium to work in over a year. I didn't hate what I saw when I looked down.
  11. Yeah I get what you're saying, it was just pretty discouraging. I may have been gaining muscle, but I was also eating much healthier and wasn't fitting in to any of my clothes anymore. I ripped my only nice dress trying to put it on. Then I just stopped trying and went right back to the weight my body seems to enjoy being, which was about 20 lbs lighter.

    I'm not really sure where or what my goal weight should be because of odd circumstances. At 15 I was 120-130 lbs and thin, although I do have a pair shapped figure. But your body isn't finished growing at that age and then I was pregnant with twins, after which I didn't lose the baby weight, then I got pregnant with my son and have been putting on weight. So I'm pretty in the dark as to where an "ideal" weight for me would be. I know it isn't this though because I'm obviously fat. I want to be able to sit down without having a roll on my lap.

    I am aware that the more weight you lose the harder it starts to get, which I'm fine with if its actually showing progress. Heck my exercise one might have worked out long term but at my size I can't afford to put on 20 lbs in the meantime, you know?
  12. One of the things to consider is that you may have been gaining muscle mass without efficiently cutting fat content. With exercise alone, you can't expect to see results right away, and your weight will definitely fluctuate as muscle is added and fat is lost. Now, having said that, it's worth trying ketosis. At worst, you'll feel blegh physically, and you won't want to follow through. At best, your "outer fat," as Rowan described it, will shave off pretty quickly. I went straight to phase two and already ran into an issue with keeping my pants on after five days.

    I can't speak for your exact body type or previous eating habits, and how much that may factor into the initial loss, but like we were all talking about in Shorty's No Sugar Added thread on EoFF, you'll also need to keep in mind that you might lose a bunch up front and then hit a wall. Push past the wall, because once that "outer fat" layer is gone, you'll hit the point where your body needs to work harder to expunge the bad stuff.
  13. I just want to lose weight quickly I am in a bad period of self-hatred right now. I pretty much cry everytime I see myself in a camera at a store or restaurant.

    I'm just worried because the last time I invested in trying hard to lose weight I seriously plumped up like a balloon. I was doing HOURS of exercise and eating better and I was, no joke, gaining about 2 lbs a day. I'd put on about 20 lbs in a bit over 2 weeks. I'm so discouraged and I hate the way I look right now
  14. Only if you're going the "fast" route. I know the diet plan doesn't mention it, but you can actually do phase two (the days 5-14 phase) for the entire first two weeks and be fine, it just doesn't kick in quite as quickly... but you won't be as miserable at the beginning, either. Fair warning, I felt okay the first day, and pretty awful the second and third day while my body adjusted. But on the fourth and fifth day I felt fantastic.

    Sausage is higher-carb than regular meat BUT it's still okay because (a) it's low-carb compared to glucose/sucrose foods that you're cutting out and (b) the fat content is much higher than the carb content so it's good for the ketosis.
  15. How about sausage? I like me some sausage

    I also suppose my cheese dogs are out of the question for the first 4 days ;_;
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