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    It's okay, the same holds true for me!
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    Well, if you really go through the steps in this, you probably won't even want the stuff after a while. In any case, I'd give it a solid month before you start to incorporate grain/starch carbohydrates back into your diet, and definitely do so sparingly when you do.
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    Honestly, I'm happy already. I just wanted to avoid buying a new wardrobe again. Now I can go backwards into old wardrobes!
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    Yeah, I get where you're coming from. It was when I saw all of the cosplay photos from A-Kon this year and realized that shaving my beard for "Sheriff" Gordon displayed a double chin that was a lot more robust than I thought it was. I'm hardly "fat" by most peoples' standards, and I definitely don't have issues with my image, but I wanted to make a change and I've never genuinely considered dieting before. So far, it's been doing nice things. I wore a medium polo to work today. I haven't worn a medium to work in over a year. I didn't hate what I saw when I looked down.
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    One of the things to consider is that you may have been gaining muscle mass without efficiently cutting fat content. With exercise alone, you can't expect to see results right away, and your weight will definitely fluctuate as muscle is added and fat is lost. Now, having said that, it's worth trying ketosis. At worst, you'll feel blegh physically, and you won't want to follow through. At best, your "outer fat," as Rowan described it, will shave off pretty quickly. I went straight to phase two and already ran into an issue with keeping my pants on after five days.

    I can't speak for your exact body type or previous eating habits, and how much that may factor into the initial loss, but like we were all talking about in Shorty's No Sugar Added thread on EoFF, you'll also need to keep in mind that you might lose a bunch up front and then hit a wall. Push past the wall, because once that "outer fat" layer is gone, you'll hit the point where your body needs to work harder to expunge the bad stuff.
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    Only if you're going the "fast" route. I know the diet plan doesn't mention it, but you can actually do phase two (the days 5-14 phase) for the entire first two weeks and be fine, it just doesn't kick in quite as quickly... but you won't be as miserable at the beginning, either. Fair warning, I felt okay the first day, and pretty awful the second and third day while my body adjusted. But on the fourth and fifth day I felt fantastic.

    Sausage is higher-carb than regular meat BUT it's still okay because (a) it's low-carb compared to glucose/sucrose foods that you're cutting out and (b) the fat content is much higher than the carb content so it's good for the ketosis.
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    Yeah, carrots are - shockingly - high in sugar. Seems strange for a vegetable. More importantly, their fiber count is lower than their sugar count, which is the opposite of what you'd want in this situation.

    You should seek out Rowan if you have specific questions that I don't have the answers to though; I'm still learning a lot about this myself.
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    I'm gonna email you a pdf file that will make understanding the process much simpler, because it gives tons of examples of what's okay and what's not. Keep in mind, I don't do any of the "exercise" portion of the diet, because one of the exercises is walking, and I do that for 8-12 hours a day, 5-7 days per week.
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    Oh goodness. Okay, so there are two ways to do this. The first is very strict - four days of MEAT ONLY, followed by ten more of meat plus cheese plus high-fiber vegetables. After two weeks, you can add in two servings of fruit per week (I have a chart for what constitutes a serving based on carb [sugar] count), and expand your vegetable library. There are some really great additions to the chart, and a big list of absolute no-no items.

    The less-strict route is to skip the four days of meat only and jump right into phase two. The initial loss apparently isn't as drastic, and it takes a little longer to kickstart, but here I am at the end of day four on the "long" way and my damn pants actually slipped off my hips today at work and I had to tighten my belt. I have documentation that I shared with Sarah that I can send your way as well. It's a little intense for some people, but there are 20g carb goals and 50g carb goals based on your personal preference, needs, and timeline. Either version contains a list of "absolutely no" items, and that's where the dealbreaker is for a lot of people.

    Ketosis itself isn't actually a diet, but a bodily function. By removing excess carbohydrate intake from the body (and you never ever ever want [nor is it realistic] to go to an absolute zero carb diet, because you can get super sick and die), after a couple of days, the body runs out of carbs to fuel itself, and shifts to targeting the energy reserves stored in fat cells. Think of it like a bear's hibernation cycle, except you're awake for the whole thing. You will feel hungry more often than you're used to, but that's because your body is cutting into your reserves. You can absolutely have three or four or five different food intake instances per day, assuming you portion them appropriately. I eat just enough to feel satisfied (not full), and then I'll be a little hungry a couple hours later but will try to put 5-6 hours between meals.

    I've had 11g carbohydrates total in the last four days, which is way lower than necessary for keto to be effective, but a byproduct of my food choices. I haven't been starving myself under any circumstances. I feel more alert and energized than I have since before the holidays last year.
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    I'm going to sleeeeep~
    Editorial's up. ^^
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    I got over that nasty roadblock in my article! Now I can piece the whole thing together tonight and it'll be good to go for tomorrow morning. In the meantime, though... I gotta go get ready for work.

    I think I'm going to email myself the outline and kinda touch on it some more during slow periods on my shift. ^^
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