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  1. Ohhhhh you knoowwww. Just trying to be as much like Britney Spears as I can.

    Nah but seriously, it's become really toxic and there is no evidence that it will change. I want to have a family before too much longer, and this isn't it.
  2. eyo happy birthday ally!
  3. you know as in happy gay haha! because that's what the thread wass about!

    but for real I'm very heterosexual, unfortunately women are driving me bonkers at the moment so who knows maybe I become gay soon or something.....

    anywho, how is your newly married love life going?! That's exciting stuff, and I'm truly happy for ya
  4. happy getting married!! I'm so happy for you you look very pretty in your dress too
  5. Hahaha. <3

    There are a lot of different kinds of flours emerging in the supermarkets these days, so you might find it. I ordered mine from here: Protein Plus, Roasted All Natural Peanut Flour, 16 oz (453 g) -

    I find I can use it anywhere I might use peanut butter or flour. Just add some water or whatever else. You can just stir it into your oatmeal, for example. I add some water and make a paste and then add that to Greek yogurt for lunch sometimes. The other morning, I made a pancake with it and the thing ended up having 35g of protein after the eggs (daaang!).

    I find that it tastes pretty good. It lacks a certain tastiness that peanut butter has (because fat = flavor), so I'd still keep peanut butter around for things like pb&Js. But for things that have a lot going on and could do with some extra protein and a peanut flavor, it's pretty awesome.

    As for recipes, I'm just sort of in the habit of checking out food blogs, but here are a few
    Green Kitchen Stories The healthy vegetarian recipe blog
    My New Roots | How to make healthy choices every day
    oh, and here's one that I haven't read through, but this post informed me about the peanut flour: 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Pancakes - Fit Foodie Finds

    I have one of my own that I try to update as much as I can: Green Tums

    I'm to the point now where I can get creative because I've seen so many recipes and ideas, that I have a good base for what might taste good together. The only meat I eat anymore is fish, so I'm no help there, but r/Fitness has some good recipes ideas pretty often. The other day they were talking about ideas for cottage cheese and I was sooo happy.

    Cottage cheese is the best.
  6. hey thanks for replying to my post! I've never used or even heard of peanut flour before today but after some internet research, it looks like I will have to go shopping for some ingredients soon (hopefully my Walmart or some other nearby grocery stores carry the peanut flour)

    Also, do you have any good websites you use to get recipes from? I'm looking to specify what my needs are (like for example, it would be realllllly neat if I could find a tasty way to incorporate peanut flour into my daily morning dose of Oatmeal... I have no idea if that would be possible though).

    I'd clutter up the other thread more, but I didn't wanna derail for my own evil purposes. Plus,
  7. That's good for a hug with boob pressage, at least.
  8. as far as tff psychologist goes, I said in my vote that you can psycho my ology any day

    i dont know what that means, i think i gotta work on spitting better game
  9. Oooo I didn't know you had a hooouuuse. So grown up. But yes, I work all the time too. I getcha.

    I had mufukin.... 3 Thanksgiving meals today. One at 11, one at 2, one at 5. By the third one, all I could stand to eat was like a scoop of potato casserole and then NOTHING ELSE. But I got almost everyone covered and seen. Now I'm sleepy because my parents' Thanksgiving (the 2PM one) had alcohol. They always have good scotch and wine, and my brother made everyone Manhattans for his contribution.

    Did you have a nice holiday?
  10. I've been on the straight and narrow, feels strange being a man with a house and a paycheck now but I'm adjusting to the weird thing we call adulthood. Nothing too exciting to write home about, just been dead tired working all the damn time, and I'm a pretty boring person at heart so I'd rather not bore everyone to tears posting about it here

    Have big plans for Thanksgiving? Going over to your mom's, or your dad's? (or your fiance's family?)
  11. Haha busy. But good. How about you?
  12. oh thank you my pretty friend

    how goes your busy life these days?
  13. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  14. thx lub :^)

    I think a change of scenery may be necessary but I got a call back for an interview with a company based out of Wisconsin. Hope it goes well!

    How are things going with you and your love?
  15. you totes can bb
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