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  1. Animal agriculture is killing the planet, and I'm not sorry I pissed people off for saying so.
  2. I'm proud of me, too! However, the full documentary is "Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret". I liked that one douchebag's analogy of living off "interest" when talking about the fish. I don't remember his numbers specifically but, basically if you had $1,000,000 and made $10,000 in interest and (somehow magically) only managed to spend 10,000/yr, you're living off the interest. Basically applying that to fishing, you only consume the interest you've made, you do not go into the principle or you're no longer making 10,000/yr. SO BASICALLY, if I cut back on the beef I consume in tacos, hamburgers, etc, and Joe Blow from Texas quits having a Ribeye for dinner 7 nights a week, I can eat more steak and we'll still consume less, thus making it better for the environment overall!

    Haha, in all seriousness. I really think I am going to make an effort to actually care what I eat, and if it's just pointless, I'm sure there are much better, non-meat things I can eat than "just another cheeseburger". Though...I haven't really been big on that lately. But McDonalds is still gonna make them and through them away when I don't come around to buy them up. There's going to have to be some huge structure changes and culture changes in order for this to get big. I guess I understand the video's point, but I believe I can make a difference still while not fully quitting meat. I'm sure there a ton of people who wouldn't even consider any form of that.
  3. You won't make THE difference, but you'll make A difference. Cutting out animal products from your diet reduces your carbon footprint a lot, more than if you rode your bike everywhere. It's the easiest way to be an environmentalist, imo.

    And the more individuals demand plant based food, the bigger the overall demand is, bit by bit.

    You should check out your local health food store for some fun alternatives. Beyond Meat is my jam - their grilled "chicken" strips are great over rice or pasta, their tenders are a tasty snack, their Beat Burgers are good and packed with nutrients, and their "Feisty Crumbles" contribute to my bomb vegan nachos (shredded Daiya melts really well in the microwave).

    There are more people eating plant based diets now than ever before, and the supply is catching up to the demand. You might be surprised what's out there.

    Either way, I'm really pumped that you watched it at all and totally non-condescendingly proud that you are making an effort. Thank you.
  4. I'm one of the concerns they had. I consume lots of animals. And I'm not sure I'm ready to fully commit, but I am going to make an effort. I already am not big on dairy and I think I can stop that. But honestly, I'm not going to make the difference. There has to be some serious, major changes across all of it.
  5. I typed that in all caps but I forgot that I can't do that. WHATEVER.
  6. Are you gonna eat fewer animals?!
  7. I just finished watching Cowspiracy. Actually legit blew my mind.
  8. Hahaha oh no. No hate, just sifting through the bullshit. It takes up more time that I'd like.
  9. I spent the last 3 days thinking that message was rude and you hated me now. Good to hear back from you LOL.
  10. Haha idk about EVERY thread, but uhhhhhh. Yeah it's mostly just weird. I'm doing really well, actually. Trying to tie up the last of the loose ends. I have some awkward and difficult days/situations left to get through, but I am checking them off one at a time.
  11. We can easily be BFFs without 3am!
  12. Haha hiiiii. So I still intend for us to bffs again. Is difficult when I don't stay up until 3am anymore, tho. D:
  13. They don't think I be livin, but I do? LOL Hiiiiiii
  14. but it do?
  15. I do? o.o
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