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  1. Haha glad you liked. Janeway is very judgmental.
  2. I can't even remember. I think I was in charge of lighting.
  3. Hahahaha. Signing a book I didn't write with a story about Gatsby does sound like something I might do. How'd your production go?
  4. You were in my dream last night. For some reason I was back at high school putting on a school production, and you were in attendance. In the intermission I sought you out so you could sign my copy of one of the Game of Thrones books. I have no idea why but you politely obliged and wrote something about your dog.
  5. Hahaha thanks for that blast from the past. My swear game was on point.
  6. Thank you!! Belated congratulations just means I get more attention, so I'm good with it.

    I've been meaning to read that article since you linked to me, I was just in crazy-mode because big weddings are insane. But I do want you to know that I was pleased that you thought of me.
  7. I do believe I have not yet congratulated you on getting married! Congrats!
  8. I thought you'd be interested in this: From sport ceremonies to legal treaties: can New Zealand teach the US anything about race? | World news | The Guardian

    I largely agree with its arguments about constitutional arrangements and it doesn't tell any non-truths, but it's a bit romantic. Gangs are still
    a problem in Māori society, they're overrepresented in virtually every negative indicator, particularly imprisonment. Also there's no such word as "Māoris", because there are no plural noun forms in Māori, but that's from the advanced class, I'll let that slide
  9. My first pair did give me some trouble when it came to rocks, but they came out with a new model that has a thicker sole (and good traction, actually; plus I can grip with my feet better), and that one has worked well. I find that when I run on pavement, my shins get too sore and I blister easily. But you're right, people get a little crazy over them. And you do have to have toes that descend in an even line for them to really be comfortable. Mine are like that, but Caleb has a longer second toe and never wears his pair. Definitely something you want to try on in a store first.
  10. Huh, that seems opposite to what I expected. I figured that off-road as such you'd need the extra traction that a proper shoes provides, and that using a toe shoe on a trail would leave your feet exposed to sharp rocks and stuff. I have a mild case of weird toes so I don't think I could wear them anyway (the knuckle on my "toe thumb" is larger than normal and my thumb toes bend towards the others). But they look interesting, and some people are quite... zealous about how full shoes encourage poor posture while running or whatever.
  11. Haha yeeees I do have a pair. I don't really like them for pavement running, especially for longer distances. But I do use them for obstacle races that are mostly trail runs. They're good for running on the ground (that will give a little, versus pavement or concrete), and they recover well from getting wet. So races where I have to splash through a pond and then climb up a wall are prefect for these shoes (and I can just toss them in the wash when I'm done). I also sometimes wear them on days when I'm going to be doing a lot of weight training and not much running. That way I'm more grounded and not up on a cushion like in running shoes. So I guess it depends on what you're wanting to do with them, but for my uses, yes, I like them, and bought a second pair when the first wore out.
  12. Yo Americano! I recall seeing once that you own/use a pair of those "shoes with toes". Are they are a worthwhile investment?
  13. Haha! Meeeee too. But it is slightly comforting to not be completely alone.
  14. Haha! Awesoooome! Also bookmarking this website.
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