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  1. nyxnyxnyxnyxnyxnyx
  2. Try now, man.
  3. Your PM inbox is full, you need to clear it homey
  4. My ban wasn't lifted, it just ran out, mods are given a choice to ban for either a day, month, or a year, or they can set a date. I was banned for a year

    He who controls the spice, controls the universe!
  5. Yeah I can see why she's sensative about it but same goes for me, I can't really critisize her for that. But yeah, Ezio, cbf with that crap. Ty for the support. I was glad when your ban got lifted (a while back now) cause you are the spice my friend, you are the spice!
  6. Lol @ that strangers thread

    Ocean totally over reacted (expected I guess from the feminist forum queen), ezio didn't even read your posts by the looks of it, the lil weirdo.. Lol @ taking him down a peg btw

    And they closed before I could impact it, boooooo

    Never change Rowan! <3
  7. just type in 'cheeezy' with 3 'e's and there should only be about 4 profiles, mine will be the one with a pic of frasier screaming.

    never search by typing in ones name =D
  8. Need your player id, 73 pages of Rowans, i gave up after page 5..
  9. You gonna be playing CS:GO? if so, add me to steam and we can frag some noobs.


    my picture wil be of frasier screaming.
  10. Thats awesome, i always said if i were to ever to get a tattoo it would be of a Phoenix in hotrod red and yellow with some awesome quote
  11. You know I actually have a phoenix tattoo on my arm? haha
  12. Cheers brah, ive been onto them about limiting thanks, its a silly limit they have, think ill kick up some more fuss
  13. I slammed the thank you button 100 times for your post in my thread but I've given out too much in the past 24 hours.
  14. Cheers
  15. happy birthday
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