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  1. Thanks Telegraph. I saw your name on one of the reviews pages and thought you had written. My apologies.
  2. I've never posted a review either man, heh. I got no idea how that works, sorry... I would ask an administrator. The first one I linked to might be slightly more likely to respond. Anyhoo...

    Wuv, Yer Mom
  3. My name is Michael, and before you report this as Spam or anything, I come in Peace. I work as a Game Reviewer for the newspaper I work at. Anyway, I was going to post a game review on the forum, but when I went to start a New Thread, I got a message saying that my account didn't have access to doing that. I asked Unknown Entity (my adopter) about it, and after she said that she didn't know, she said that I should ask a person who has already given a review. So, how does a person be able to Post a Review?
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